Why Get a BACtrack Breathalyser Today

Alcohol is one of the widely consumed beverages worldwide. It is ingrained in several cultures and a part of many festivities. People also enjoy alcohol consumption in the company of others. However, excessive amounts can cause severe impairments. Alcohol consumption can affect the senses, reasoning, and motor functions necessary for responsible driving. Drivers with high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) are more likely to endanger themselves and other motorists. Unfortunately, some people still drive despite knowing they are alcohol-impaired. Consequently, this calls for a well-grounded and precise system to determine the blood alcohol level in real-time. In line with this, Breathalysers Australia offers reliable breath testing through a BACtrack breathalyser. 

What is a BACtrack breathalyser?

A breathalyser is a BAC calculator or measuring tool that can estimate the alcohol in the blood through breath samples. The first breath analysers were developed for law enforcement to apprehend suspected intoxicated drivers. If the police believe you are driving impaired, they will ask you to pull over and perform a field sobriety test. These tests include performing a breath test with a breathalyser. A breathalyser processes the breath sample through sensors to estimate the BAC level. Over the years, the improvement of breathalyser technology has allowed breathalysers to become more available and affordable for personal use. BACtrack breathalysers and Breathalysers Australia are the first to offer highly accurate and reliable BAC monitoring tools for personal use. 

Before personal breathalysers were available, there was no accurate way for individuals to check their BAC. However, some people mistakenly believe they can drive safely despite consuming alcohol. Unfortunately, ignoring their intoxication only leads to unfortunate incidents on the road later on. Therefore, it is essential to have a reliable device to gauge how much alcohol is in your system before it is too late. The BACtrack breathalyser provides a robust BAC checking system capable of real-time updates. The modern breathalysers are smaller, more affordable and more accurate. Additionally, they are easy to carry and use anytime. Getting a breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia is vital for the following reasons:

  • Moderate alcohol consumption
  • Ensure personal safety while driving
  • Prevent drink driving charges
  • Reduce workplace accidents
  • Help make informed decisions


BACtrack breathalyser: How Alcohol affects the Body

Alcohol in moderate amounts can cause pleasant or euphoric effects. It can elevate the mood and lower inhibitions. Many people consume alcohol at the end of the day or week to relieve stress and tension. However, it can lead to adverse health and safety risks at high-level consumption. Alcohol is a volatile substance that affects normal body functions. When alcohol enters the body, it passes from the stomach to the small intestines and enters the bloodstream. Then, the blood distributes to different vital organs, where they stay for a specified time. For instance, alcohol enters the lungs and exits through exhalation. A BACtrack breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia can capture the breath sample and measure its alcohol content. 

Alcohol has known intoxicating effects on the body. You can notice the reaction after a few minutes from consumption. Having a high BAC can translate to having high levels of impairments. Furthermore, aside from the alcohol concentration in a drink, many factors can influence the BAC level. For example, a person’s weight, age, sex, body type, food intake, water content, and metabolism rate can impact the increase of BAC. Generally, the following BAC ranges you can get using the BACtrack breathalyser have the following effects:

  • 0.01-0.039% – Slight euphoria, relaxation and lower inhibition
  • 0.04-0.059% – Minor impairment of judgment and memory. Lowering of caution
  • 0.06-0.099% – Slight impairment in vision, speech, balance, hearing, and reaction time
  • 0.100 and above – Significant impairment in motor coordination, loss of memory, and unwell feeling

Alcohol and Drink Driving

Today, more police officers survey the roads for signs of impaired driving. Australia sets the legal limit for alcohol to 0.05% BAC. It equals 0.05g of alcohol for every 100ml of blood or 210L of breath. The legal limits determine the blood alcohol level unsafe for driving. So if your BAC registers 0.05% or higher in a police breathalyser test, you are subject to drink driving violations and corresponding penalties. Moreover, there is no level of consumption that guarantees the BAC level will stay below 0.05%. On average, men can consume no more than two standard drinks in the first hour and one drink in the succeeding hour. For women, intake should be no more than one standard drink per hour. A BACtrack breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia can efficiently measure the BAC after several alcoholic beverages to not exceed the legal limit. 

Every year, thousands of car crashes or collisions happen on Australian roads. Impaired driving can result to severe injuries. Therefore, Australia considers drink driving as a serious criminal offence. Additionally, the law imposes harsh penalties and charges as a preventive measure in reducing road accidents. After consuming alcohol, you should take a quick breath test with a BACtrack breathalyser before driving. Checking your BAC before leaving can ensure safety and help avoid legal problems. Depending on your BAC range, the drink driving penalties include:

  • Hefty fines
  • License suspension
  • Vehicle Confiscation
  • Prison terms
  • Alcohol interlock program


Alcohol Impairment at Work

The workplace is also one of the highly susceptible areas to alcohol-related incidents. Companies lose millions of dollars every year to high hospitalisation and accident compensations costs. It can also cause low productivity, and increased absenteeism and turnover rates. Therefore, many companies have established a workplace policy to reduce accidents and improve efficiency. The alcohol policy includes setting a BAC limit and workplace testing. High-risk industries would typically have a zero-alcohol tolerance policy. The workplace performs alcohol screening to prevent accidents by maintaining an alcohol-free environment. Companies or testing centres use a professional breathalyser like BACtrack to detect alcohol. Breathalysers Australia helps many industries secure their workplace through reliable BACtrack breathalysers. 

Features of the BACtrack Breathalyser

The BACtrack breathalysers provide dependable alcohol breath tests through accurate BAC readings. Most BACtrack devices employ fuel cell sensor technology to measure the BAC accurately. In particular, fuel cell sensors are specific to ethanol and are not reactive with other substances in the breath. Likewise, they maintain consistently longer than a standard semiconductor breathalyser. As a result, they are less likely to produce false-positive results. Furthermore, each BACtrack breathalyser has a one-button operation for quick and efficient use. You can start testing your BAC after pressing the power button and it deliver your results within 10 to 15 seconds. 

Breathalysers Australia has a wide range of alcohol testers suitable for personal and professional use. Personal breathalysers with pro-grade accuracy are now easily available.  You can check your BAC every hour with a portable device when consuming alcohol to help you moderate your intake. You can select from either the keychains, smartphones, or Pro series devices. A BACtrack breathalyser is a great way to learn more about your body and your reaction to alcohol. The more you know how alcohol works, the more you can make better decisions. Get a BACtrack breathalyser today at Breathalysers Australia and help make Australian roads and workplaces safer.