Ways to Prevent Drink Driving Charges

Drivers caught with a blood alcohol content (BAC) reading of over 0.05% are subject to drink driving charges. Law enforcers use breathalyzers to monitor the BAC of suspected drivers they’ve pulled over; this helps them single out those drivers that may endanger others. A high BAC may indicate mild to moderate coordination, motor, and awareness impairments; translating to difficulties with performing tasks such as driving. To tackle these drink driving issues head-on, city and state officials have started implementing stricter and more severe penalties to those charged with DUI. Nowadays, people have begun to monitor their BAC with personal breathalyzers to prevent themselves from acquiring possible severe DUI penalties.  

Breathalyzers to avoid drink driving charges

Personal breathalyzers are now one of the best ways to prevent drink driving charges; this is because of how accurate most personal devices are nowadays. BACtrack personal breathalyzers, for example, have fuel cell sensor technology; this is the same kind of technology one could find in a police officer’s breathalyzer. This technology and the easy-to-operate one-touch operations of BACtrack devices allow even those with limited breath testing experience to perform more frequent testing and still provide accurate professional-grade results.  

BACtrack devices are smaller and more compact, with some small enough to be attached as a keychain. It reduces the chances of the machine getting lost by its user. Always having a very portable breathalyzer ready can be beneficial, especially when making last-minute plans to go out drinking. Owning a conveniently small device may help prevent drink driving charges in the long run.  

Other than meeting a BAC reading of under 0.05%, other drivers are required to have an even lower BAC reading. Learner and probationary drivers are also required always to have a BAC of 0.00%. On top of that, taxi, bus, and truck drivers must maintain a BAC of under 0.02% to prevent themselves from acquiring drink driving charges. A great way of preventing DUI charges for these drivers is by using a BACtrack personal breathalyzer, which can calculate and inform its user when and how long until their BAC would return to 0.00%.  

Know your BAC

In conclusion, one of the best ways of preventing oneself from acquiring drink driving charges and the severe penalties it can come is by knowing your exact BAC reading. Knowing one’s precise BAC reading can drastically improve one’s safety and help others decide on whether they can legally drive or should take a taxi home for the night. 


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