Why You Should have a Personal Breathalyzer in Australia

A breathalyzer is a device that uses the exhaled breath of an individual to measure the amount of alcohol (blood alcohol content or BAC) that could be present in their system. The BAC determines their functional (motor) and mental capabilities, translating to their driving skills. Law enforcers are typically the ones that check the BAC of drivers who are driving dangerously or irregularly. To be deemed legally capable of driving, individuals must maintain a BAC of under 0.05%; going above this can be punishable by law. The Australian driving limit of 0.05% is considered low compared to other countries like the USA (0.08%). With much lower BAC requirements compared to other countries, using a personal breathalyzer in Australia now seems to be a reasonable option to prevent further DUI charges.  

When looking for a personal breathalyzer in Australia, one should first consider the kinds of devices available; and the technologies that they come with. For example, BACtrack breathalyzers come with fuel cell technology; the same technology found in the breathalyzers law enforcers and medical professionals. Having a device like this as a personal breathalyzer may prove beneficial because of how accurate and concise your BAC readings could be. It may be a real difference-maker when deciding to drive or not. BACtrack breathalyzers like the BACtrack S80 Pro also come with an audible alarm that sets off when the user is over the BAC driving limit. The S80 Pro is also a One-Touch Operation device; which you can use right away without any more complicated settings or modifications.  

Get a Personal Breathalyzer in Australia Now

There are also BACtrack breathalyzer devices that can connect via Bluetooth to iOS, Android, and Google phones, which can provide even more detailed information about the BAC of the user. Information like how long and when the BAC would return to 0.00% could be handy for learner and probationary drivers. These drivers are required by law always to have a BAC of 0.00% when driving; and owning a BACtrack personal breathalyzer can help with that. Other laws also require taxi, bus, and truck drivers to have a BAC of less than 0.02% to maintain road safety, further solidifying the need for a personal breathalyzer in Australia.  

Monitoring one’s BAC can be of massive help to their safety and could also prevent any unwanted run-ins with the law. Using a personal breathalyzer in Australia can drastically help decide whether one could drive or take a taxi home. It prevents the user from ever acquiring penalties like hefty fines and a confiscated license.   


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