The Risks of High Range Drink Driving

High range drink driving offences have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.15% or more. It is considered the most severe DUI charge. So serious that even first-time offenders may get jail time of up to 18 months; as well as a hefty fine, and an automatic license disqualification for about three years. A high range drink driving charge may also come with a criminal record which can be looked down upon when looking for a job. Repeat offenders get even more jail time and a lengthy license disqualification period of up to 5 years. The BAC determines the seriousness of a driver’s DUI offence. A device called a breathalyzer is used to measure the alcohol present in the exhaled breath of an individual.  

High Range Drink Driving

Nowadays, people have the option to own personal breathalyzers. BACtrack personal breathalyzers help individuals monitor their BAC, which can prove very useful, especially to those who enjoy an occasional drink or two with their friends. Devices like these can help users know when they’ve had enough and if they can legally drive yet. Machines like the BACtrack breathalyzer now have fuel cell technology; similar to the ones you can find in a law enforcer’s breath testing device. It can help provide accurate and reliable professional-grade breath alcohol tests for its user; similar to the kind of results one might acquire when stopped by a police officer along the road or taken by a medical professional in an emergency department. High range drink driving charges may have a person who knows their current BAC reading may think twice before getting behind the wheel.  

BACtrack breathalyzers

BACtrack breathalyzers may prove to be an effective solution to the prevention of high range drink driving charges. Besides having professional-grade accuracy, they also offer other key features that provide users with more information about their BAC. BACtrack devices have the technology to help identify when and how long until their BAC could return to 0.00%. These devices are also compact; with the BACtrack C6 being small enough to be attached as a key chain, reducing the chances of it behind left behind before going out for the night. Other BACtrack devices also have an audible alarm to inform users that they are still over the legal alcohol driving limit of 0.05%.                  

Knowing your exact BAC before driving rather than just guessing it would seem more compelling given the seriousness and severity of high range drink driving charges. Possible jail time can be a considerable hindrance to one’s life. Prevent them by investing in a personal breathalyzer. 


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