Why Use a Workplace Breathalyzer

Sobriety in the workplace is essential to keep productivity and safety at the maximum. When an employee works intoxicated, it disrupts the regular operation and can even pose safety risks to others. Alcohol-related incidents in the workplace often lead to a drastic loss of productivity. Nowadays, workplaces conduct random breath tests to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. Employers use a workplace breathalyzer to determine blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Breath testing is the most common method because it is a safe, non-invasive and quick test.

Not all companies need to conduct an alcohol test at work. However, breath tests are essential in specific industries such as mining, construction, medicine, or transportation that highly require safety. In such cases, employers implement a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol. A workplace breathalyzer must meet the Australian Standards AS3547, a certification that indicates the unit can provide high-level quality and accuracy in breath alcohol testing. Additionally, workplace breathalyzers need regular recalibration to maintain high precision and accurate test results. Workplace breathalyzers are available at Breathalysers Australia, the home of BACtrack breathalyzers. In particular, the Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen is a state-of-the-art breathalyzer using a platinum electrochemical sensor for an exceptional level of accuracy.

The BACtrack Personal and Workplace Breathalyzer

BACtrack also offers a wide range of personal breathalyzers with police-grade accuracy. The fuel cell sensor technology of BACtrack provides consistent and accurate BAC readings in every use. Specifically, the BACtrack S80 Pro is the best-rated breath testing device. BACtrack devices have FDA approval and are compliant with DOT and NHTSA standards to be reliable breath screening devices. BACtrack breathalyzers use the same technology that you can find in a police officer’s breathalyzer. Therefore, a BACtrack device can be a highly reliable personal or workplace breathalyzer. Without a doubt, a highly accurate breathalyzer can drastically help improve personal or workplace safety.

Alcohol abuse can happen across all industries. Therefore, a workplace breathalyzer is vital to maintaining a safe, healthy, and productive working environment. Even law enforcement use breathalyzers to help them maintain safer roads. They rely on breath tests to help them determine the driver’s capabilities. Officers may detain the driver if the breath test registers a positive or high BAC level. Refusal to submit a breath test may lead to legal complications later on. Breath tests are commonly done by workplaces and law enforcers mainly because they can be quick. BACtrack breathalyzers, for example, only take 10-15 seconds to process the breath sample and have the BAC ready.

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