Breathalyzers: A BAC Monitoring Tool

Over the years, more people now use breathalyzers to check their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) after consuming alcohol. The device law enforcement uses for roadside screenings is also available for personal use. There are many benefits to using a breathalyzer, and one is to ensure that you do not exceed the legal limit for driving. BACtrack personal breathalyzers are portable breath testing devices that help people moderate their alcohol consumption and promote better consumption behaviours. Additionally, you can use a breathalyzer as a personal BAC monitoring tool.

Breathalyzers such as BACtrack devices measure the BAC by oxidizing the alcohol in the breath sample. Through a breathalyzer, you can objectively know your BAC level within seconds (10-15 seconds with BACtrack breathalyzers). The BAC is the weight of ethanol in grams per 100ml of blood or 210 litres of breath. Many people use breathalyzers as a BAC monitoring tool to check their sobriety. A high BAC or intoxication level can impair the body’s senses, motor functions, and judgment. Therefore, driving with a high BAC or over the legal limit of 0.05% has legal and safety implications.

A BAC Monitoring Tool: BACtrack Devices

Using a breathalyzer as a BAC monitoring tool is a safe way to know when your sobriety will return. It is essential to monitor your BAC if you decide to drive or show up for work the next day. After consuming alcohol, wait for at least 20 minutes to take a breath test. If your BAC is 0.04% or lower, you are within legal limits to drive. However, if your BAC reaches 0.05% or higher, it is best to ask someone to go for you. The best way to estimate when your BAC level will return to 0.00% is to use BACtrack Smartphone breathalyzers. The BACtrack Mobile Pro, C6 Keychain, and the C8 can estimate when your BAC would return to 0.00% with BACtrack’s ZeroLine technology.

Unfortunately, you cannot speed up the process of alcohol leaving your system. The body burns off alcohol at a rate of 0.016% BAC per hour. Therefore, if you have a high BAC level, you will need more time to wait it out until you can drive. A breathalyzer, therefore, is an effective BAC monitoring tool as it can help you determine when you should stop drinking. It lets you know when you’ve had enough and when to call it a night. If you know your BAC level, you can confidently make better decisions. The BACtrack personal breathalyzers are an effective alcohol monitoring tool that can conveniently fit in your pockets.

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