What is an AUDIT Alcohol Screening Tool

An AUDIT (Alcohol use Disorders Identification Test) is an alcohol screening tool used to identify appropriate alcohol consumption, drinking behaviours, or possible alcohol abuse (addiction). It has a version that a certified clinician and another can use as a self-report assessment tool. It has ten items; the resulting total score could then help assess whether an individual has a low risk, risky, or high-risk alcohol user. Most questions are about the number of standard drinks one would typically consume; then graded with a score between 0 to 4. Along with the test questions, charts can refer to the different types of alcoholic beverages and their standard amount. There is no question about the reliability of the AUDIT alcohol screening tool as the World Health Organization developed it. 

The AUDIT alcohol screening tool questions mainly ask the number of drinks consumed at a specific time; also on how often one consumes certain amounts of drinks. It can effectively help individuals identify whether they have a drinking problem or not. This screening tool also helps individuals diagnosed with drinking addiction to monitor themselves more effectively; this could help them track their improvement across time. It may also help health professionals know which patients may need more help and provide further education and referrals to treat their drinking problem. BACtrack devices can measure an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC), which can help determine a rough estimate of the amount consumed recently; the higher the BAC, the higher the number of beverages consumed. 

AUDIT Alcohol Screening and BACtrack Breathalyzers

An AUDIT alcohol screening tool assisted by devices that help calculate the BAC is an effective assessment tool. BACtrack personal breathalyzers have the same technology found in an officer’s or medical professional’s breathalyzer can provide accurate police-grade results to their users. It allows for self-BAC monitoring to be as effective as being monitored by a professional. Alcohol drinkers may use this to assess whether they’ve had too much to drink, and they can set BAC limits for themselves for a more effective form of alcohol consumption control. One main advantage of using an alcohol breathalyzer is that individuals no longer need to make a rough estimate on how much alcohol they’ve consumed, as BAC readings are very accurate. 

Whether done by medical professionals or self-monitoring individuals, an AUDIT alcohol screening tool and a breathalyzer could prove to be an effective way of measuring alcohol consumption. Another advantage these assessment methods have is that they are quick to perform, making alcohol assessments seem hassle-free and effortless. 


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