What Does A Breathalyzer Mean?

When you consume alcohol publicly, chances are you may find someone placing a small device on their mouth. This small device is a breath alcohol tester, also commonly known as a breathalyzer. You may now be wondering: what does a breathalyzer mean? A breathalyzer, like a BACtrack device, is a helpful tool that can measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) in your bloodstream through the breath. BACtrack personal breathalyzers analyze your breath sample by going through an electrochemical process to calculate the amount of alcohol content. The result is in BAC %. People use breathalyzers to check their alcohol levels. Knowing your alcohol level helps you determine your capabilities after alcohol consumption.

What does a breathalyzer mean for people who occasionally consume alcohol? People who consume alcohol can use it to gauge their intoxication level. You may regularly check your BAC after a few glasses of drinks (20 minutes after your first drink). If you notice your BAC level is getting high, you may need to tone it down. A high BAC would mean that mental and functional impairments are possible. These impairments can drastically affect your ability to drive. Also, if you plan on driving afterwards, you must ensure that your BAC does not go above the legal limit. The legal alcohol driving limit in Australia is 0.05%.

What Does A Breathalyzer Mean to Other Sectors

What does a breathalyzer mean in the workplaces and across industries like construction, healthcare and law enforcement? Specific workplaces where safety is a top priority use breathalyzers to ensure sobriety to all employees. Using a breathalyzer for work is vital to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. Likewise, law enforcement uses breathalyzers to identify suspected intoxicated drivers on the road. Police officers use police-grade breathalyzers, an advanced type of breath alcohol screening device that uses fuel cell sensor technology. Like the BACtrack Pro Series, a fuel cell breathalyzer can give the most accurate BAC readings than most personal breathalyzers. Additionally, a reliable and precise breathalyzer can help you avoid road dangers or legal complications.

Lastly, what does a breathalyzer mean to road safety? It is no secret that driving after alcohol consumption can cause accidents. A breathalyzer helps you consume alcohol responsibly and, at the same time, be a responsible driver. Responsible driving leads to a safer community. Help protect yourself and others by regularly checking your BAC. Moreover, BACtrack breathalyzers with police-grade accuracy are the ideal device for constant personal use. Without a doubt, owning a BACtrack breathalyzer can help you be at ease, as your BAC results are accurate and reliable.

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