Best Personal Breathalyzer at Breathalysers Australia

If you are looking for the best personal breathalyzer, look no further. Breathalysers Australia has the most reliable breathalyzers that you could find. Breathalysers Australia is the home of the world’s leading and most trusted brand of breathalyzers, BACtrack. BACtrack carries a wide range of breath testing devices suitable for personal and workplace use. They even have a unique series of smartphone breathalyzers that can be connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth for more convenient tests.

What are you looking for in the best personal breathalyzer? Breathalyzers are small devices about the size of a smartphone. They measure the chemical composition of the breath to estimate the blood alcohol content (BAC). When using a breathalyzer, you would want to see a BAC of 0.05% or below to know if you are safe to drive. Driving in Australia with an alcohol level of more than the allowed limit of 0.05% BAC is subject to criminal charges and penalties. Therefore, you would want a personal breathalyzer that can give you the most accurate BAC reading so you’ll know how to stay within the limit. Checking your BAC after consuming alcohol can help you decide when to slow it down and when to stop.

The Best Personal Breathalyzer: Why BACtrack

With BACtrack being the best personal breathalyzer for you, you can be confident that you are within the allowed limit. At Breathalysers Australia, you’ll find BACtrack breathalyzers of every kind like:

  • Keychain breathalyzers: The BACtrack Go Keychain and BACtrack C6 Keychain are small yet accurate breathalyzers that you can attach to your keys.
  • Police-grade breathalyzers: BACtrack’s fuel cell breathalyzers are ideal for personal use. These devices also have the most accurate BAC readings with simple button operations. The Best personal breathalyzer can either be the BACtrack Scout, Trace Pro, or the BACtrack S80 Pro.
  • Smartphone breathalyzers: Turn your smartphone into a breathalyzer. The BACtrack C6 Keychain, BACtrack C8 Smartphone, and Mobile Pro can connect to the BACtrack mobile app. This could allow you to be able to conveniently read and track your BAC results. These devices also feature fuel cell sensors.

Breathalysers Australia is owned and managed by the country’s leading specialists and innovators in breathalyzers technology. We carefully test each product to check if they meet the high standard federal requirements as a reliable and best personal breathalyzer. Breathalysers Australia also offers complete calibration services by professionals to ensure that all breathalyzers are precise and will last for a long time. Enjoy alcohol consumption moderately with a BACtrack personal breathalyzer in your pocket and have safe journeys ahead of you.

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