What is an Electrochemical Fuel Cell Breathalyzer?

A breathalyzer, also known as a breath alcohol analyzer, measures an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC). Police officers mainly use these to determine whether a driver is over the legal alcohol driving limit or not. Driving with a BAC of over 0.05% may result in possible DUI charges as and severe penalties. The BAC determines a person’s functional (motor) and mental (awareness) capabilities; which is why it is what law enforcers assess when checking in on a driver. When the driver blows into the sterile tube of the device, it calculates the alcohol present in the exhaled breath. There are many different types of breathalyzers; some of the most common types are the semiconductor breathalyzer and electrochemical fuel cell breathalyzer.  

The electrochemical fuel cell breathalyzer is a more expensive type of breathalyzer mainly because of how difficult they are to manufacture. These are the type of breathalyzers primarily used by law enforcers and medical professionals to provide some of the most accurate and reliable test results. BACtrack devices like the BACtrack S80 Pro uses this kind of technology and are now available to the public to be used as a personal professional-grade breathalyzer. Having a consistently accurate device available at all times can drastically help with effective BAC readings; especially for those who enjoy having a drink or two with their friends. Knowing whether to take a taxi home or ask a friend for a ride instead of driving can help improve the user’s safety.  

Advantage of an Electrochemical Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

A Semiconductor breathalyzer is a more affordable type of breathalyzer that can be easily mass-produced. Being the more affordable option, it might have some drawbacks. Unstable sensors, susceptible to the atmosphere, cigarette smoke can affect readings, and being highly sensitive to temperature and humidity are some of the disadvantages of the cheaper alternative of breathalyzers. Professionals rarely use these because individuals can easily alter their results. More affordable BACtrack devices are now available that still have electrochemical fuel cell breathalyzer technology within them. The BACtrack C6 Keychain is a portable and accurate BAC monitoring device that can also connect wirelessly to your IOS, Android, and Google devices.  

Having access to a portable and accurate professional-grade electrochemical fuel cell breathalyzer can now help would-be users with their safety and prevent DUI charges. People no longer need to keep guessing whether they’re okay or whether they can still legally drive or not.   


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