Where can I Find Drug and Alcohol Testing Near Me?

Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing 

Drug and alcohol testing near me, the Australian workplace is constantly evolving and increasing. Alcohol and drug testing are becoming more common in various ranges of industries. Testing for the presence of Alcohol and Drugs is becoming progressively crucial in some workplaces. The impact of the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs may cause severe risks to health, safety, and workplace productivity. If you run a business, you should consider implementing an effective screening program with the help of creating and enforcing a dependable drug and alcohol policy in the workplace. This will provide a safe and productive work environment.

Suppose you are looking for “drug and alcohol testing near me.” In that case, the BACtrack breathalyzer units can be a viable option for breath alcohol testing, whether you use it as a personal breathalyzer or a workplace breathalyzer unit. BACtrack provides you with various products to choose from and for all situations. The BACtrack S80 Pro is an ideal unit for workplace use; it has police-grade accuracy and is well known for its reliability. The smaller and more compact devices such as the BACtrack C6 Smartphone breathalyzer and the Go Keychain are excellent choices for personal use. You can conduct breath tests on the go. Some jobs may require a zero-alcohol limit for employees that use heavy equipment. The company would have a device that will accurately show alcohol levels in employees to ensure workplace health and safety. 

Options for drug and alcohol testing near me? There are various types of drug and alcohol tests. But the most common are tested via blood sampling, urine sampling, and saliva sampling. These tests have different accuracy levels and different turnaround times for results as they use other methods to take and test the sample provided. 

Types of Workplace Testing

As an employer, you have various options for conducting drug and alcohol testing in the workplace. These include: 

  • Random testing – this kind of testing is done unannounced and aimed to identify employees who were abusing drugs and alcohol in the workplace. 
  • Blanket testing – this is where all employees are tested in one occurrence. 
  • ‘For cause’ or targeted testing – is used if the employer has reasonable suspicion that an employee is using drugs or alcohol. 
  • Pre-employment testing – this type of testing is typically done before an employee starts work or before heading out on a business trip. 
  • Post-accident/incident testing – this test is required after a workplace accident occurs. 
  • Post-positive result testing – if an employee previously tested positive, they must undergo testing and have a negative result before returning to work. 
  • Rehabilitation testing – is aimed at employees undergoing rehabilitation for drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace. 
  • Voluntary testing – if an employee voluntarily wants to be tested for drugs and alcohol. 


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