Where to Get a Drug Test for Work?

Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Screening 

When and where to get a drug test for work? Various drug testing companies in Australia can provide you with drug and alcohol testing services. Employers typically do drug and alcohol screening as part of the pre-employment hiring process. It is part of a medical assessment to test your hearing, sight, and existing injuries. Passing the drug test and alcohol tests can be crucial to passing the employment process. As an inspiring job candidate, you should ensure cleanliness before undergoing the pre-employment medical assessment. You can purchase a few drug test kits, which will allow you to test yourself beforehand. 

Where to get a drug test for work

If you wonder where to get a drug test for work, BACtrack breathalyzers provide you with a solution for conducting alcohol breath tests. BACtrack personal breathalyzer units can come in handy if you want to test yourself. BACtrack also has various workplace breathalyzer units available for conducting alcohol breath tests in the workplace. These BACtrack devices have police-grade accuracy and come with calibration certificates. 

Types of drug tests 

Where to get a drug test for work in Australia? The typical drug tests currently used in Australia use samples of urine and saliva. Australian standards have been created for these tests. These standards outline the procedures for sample collection. 


For most drug types, urinalysis can detect drug use up to three days before the test. Disadvantages of this test: 

  • may not detect recent drug use in the past 2-4 hours,  
  • urine samples can be contaminated or substituted 

Oral fluid (saliva) 

Saliva testing is a less invasive form of drug testing compared to urinalysis. The disadvantage of oral testing is its limited ability to detect cannabis. 

Testing Types 

  • Pre-employment or pre-deployment – Testing aspiring job applicants before hiring them or before employees are sent on a business trip. 
  • Blanket testing – Testing all employees in a single work event 
  • Random testing – Randomly selecting a group of employees 
  • Post-incident – Conducting a test after a workplace accident or potential work accident 
  • ‘For cause’ testing – When the employer has justified belief about an employee’s behaviour, they can conduct a drug and alcohol test. 
  • Self-testing – Providing workers with access to the means to test themselves to ensure that they attend work safely. You can provide them with a BACtrack breathalyzer for conducting alcohol breath tests. 
  • Return to work – If an employee has previously returned a positive test, they must undergo a drug and alcohol test that should come out negative before they can return to work. 


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