How BACtrack False Positive Results are Prevented

Alcohol is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the world. It is used in many cultures and is a part of many celebrations. Excessive amounts, however, can have severe repercussions. Alcohol use can impair individuals’ perceptions, thinking, and motor functions required for safe driving. People driving with high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) are more likely to risk themselves and other drivers. Unfortunately, some people continue to drive while under the influence of alcohol. As a result, law enforcement implements roadside testing to minimise alcohol-related accidents. Police officers usually conduct testing utilising a breathalyser with fuel cell sensor technology. In line with this, Breathalysers Australia provides BACtrack breathalysers that are accurate for personal and workplace use. Thus, many ask how BACtrack false-positive results are prevented?

A BACtrack false-positive result is unusual due to the fuel cell sensor technology that BACtrack devices have. The fuel cell is the most advanced sensor available for breathalysers. For roadside testing, police officers will request drivers to take a breath test to determine their BAC. If their BAC exceeds the legal limit, they may face serious consequences such as fines, licence suspension, and participation in an alcohol interlock program. In Australia, a personal breathalyser is necessary when going out and drinking alcohol. It can help to moderate intake to drive safely. It is also helpful in the workplace for determining employee alcohol levels. Breathalysers Australia offers a wide range of BACtrack devices for personal and workplace use.

BACtrack False Positive: What is a Breathalyser?

A breathalyser is a BAC calculator or measuring device that uses breath samples to assess the amount of alcohol in the blood. The first breathalysers were developed to help law enforcement apprehend suspected impaired drivers. If the police suspect you are intoxicated while driving, they will pull you over and administer an alcohol test. Police officers usually conduct breath testing using a police breathalyser because it is straightforward yet very accurate. A breathalyser like the BACtrack uses sensors to estimate the BAC level from a breath sample. Breathalyser technology has improved over the years, making breathalysers more accessible and affordable for personal usage. BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia are the first to provide highly accurate and consistent BAC monitoring tools for personal use. Undoubtedly, the BACtrack false-positive results are not possible. Furthermore, obtaining a breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia is essential because of the following reasons:

  • Consumption of alcohol in moderation
  • Maintain personal safety while driving
  • Avoid drink driving charges
  • Reduce workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Assist in making well-informed judgements
  • Help employers in minimising overall cost
  • Improve employees’ work performance and productivity in the workplace


BACtrack False Positive: Factors that Affect your BAC

Some factors can affect people’s BAC levels. However, is there a possibility for these factors to affect the BACtrack false-positive results? Relying on guess estimates does not ensure a person’s BAC level. However, using an accurate breath testing kit like the BACtrack breathalyser to monitor BAC is more advisable than guessing estimates. Furthermore, the BACtrack S80 Pro is highly recommended due to its accuracy. The BACtrack S80 features law-enforcement level Xtend® Fuel Cell Sensor Technology with enhanced linear accuracy with a convenient one-touch function for quick and accurate BAC results. The BACtrack Pro breathalysers also maintain their outstanding accuracy even when used repeatedly. BACtrack breathalysers can also withstand thousands of tests. Therefore, the following factors cannot affect the accuracy of BACtrack breathalysers. However, it is vital to understand how these factors can influence your BAC and assist you in moderate alcohol use. The several aspects are:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Blood Type
  • Metabolism
  • Medication
  • Food
  • Alcohol Concentration

BACtrack False Positive: Workplace Breath Testing

Alcohol breath testing contributes to workplace safety and employee well-being. A breath test is the most effective method of detecting employee alcohol usage. Employees in some high-risk industries are not permitted to work with more than 0.00 per cent BAC levels. Furthermore, employers can now efficiently identify alcohol usage using a BACtrack workplace breathalyser. A BACtrack breathalyser with fuel cell sensor technology is also used in testing centres to facilitate breath testing. Fuel cell breathalysers, in particular, are the industry’s gold standard for alcohol detection. This technology provides excellent accuracy, and the BACtrack false-positive results are unlikely. BACtrack breathalysers also use an electrochemical process to oxidise the alcohol in the breath sample. Breathalysers Australia’s BACtrack breathalysers process the breath sample and provide results in 10 to 15 seconds. Furthermore, despite high-volume testing, the BACtrack breathalysers maintain consistency, making them perfect for use in the workplace.


BACtrack Breathalysers for Personal Use

Breathalysers Australia’s BACtrack units feature police-grade precision to assure the most reliable readings, without any chance of the BACtrack false-positive results. Breathalysers Australia also offers professional calibration services to ensure that all breathalysers are precise and long-lasting. As a result, individuals who use BACtrack for personal use can be confident that they are within the legal limit. With a BACtrack personal breathalyser in your pocket, you may enjoy moderate alcohol consumption while driving safely. Fortunately, Breathalysers Australia offers BACtrack breathalysers of wide varieties, including:

  • Keychain breathalysers: The BACtrack Go Keychain and BACtrack C6 Keychain are compact, reliable breathalysers that can be attached to your keys for convenience. 
  • Police-grade breathalysers: BACtrack’s fuel cell breathalysers are perfect for personal use. These devices also feature the most accurate BAC readings and are easy to utilise. The BACtrack Scout, Trace Pro, or BACtrack S80 Pro are the most suitable breathalysers for personal use.
  • Smartphone breathalysers: People can now turn their smartphone into a breathalyser using a breathalyser with a Bluetooth feature. The models of smartphone breathalysers are the BACtrack C6 Keychain, C8 Smartphone, and Mobile Pro, which also use fuel cell sensors. These models could allow users to read and track their BAC results efficiently. 

BACtrack Devices at Breathalysers Australia

A BACtrack breathalyser is the most convenient way to test individuals’ alcohol consumption. However, some people wrongly believe they can drive safely even with the overconsumption of alcohol. Unfortunately, ignoring the intoxication may lead to unfortunate roadside incidents later on. Therefore, it is critical to have a reliable device to determine how much alcohol is in your system before driving. The BACtrack breathalyser offers a reliable BAC checking system with real-time updates. Breathalysers Australia provides a wide range of BACtrack alcohol monitoring devices for effective and accurate breath testing. Furthermore, modern breathalysers like the BACtrack devices are smaller, less expensive, and more accurate. They are also practical and beneficial for workplace and personal use. Without a doubt, the BACtrack false-positive results are not viable. Lastly, all BACtrack devices provide the most precise and reliable results. You can choose any model on the Breathalysers Australia website for personal or workplace use.