Information on the Alcohol Driving Limit

With the implementation of new rules and regulations regarding alcohol consumption and driving; the alcohol driving limit is what most people should always pay attention to. The driving limit relies on an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC) measured by a device called a breathalyzer. It is important to note that countries like Australia have a much lower BAC driving requirement than countries like the United States. To legally drive in Australia, drivers must present with a BAC of under 0.05%; and anything above that can be a serious offence that is punishable by law. Nowadays, people can own personal breathalyzers like BACtrack breathalyzers, which can help increase their safety and prevent unwanted run-ins with the law.  

Law enforcers typically monitor the BAC on drivers that are driving irregularly or dangerously. A high BAC can drastically affect one’s motor and mental functions as well as their judgment. Despite having a BAC requirement of under 0.05%, certain situations still require drivers to have a BAC reading of 0.00%. Learner, provisional, taxi, bus, and truck drivers must have a BAC of less the 0.02%. Luckily enough, though, some BACtrack breathalyzers have technology that can help inform drivers on how long until their BAC could return to 0.00%. Alcohol driving limits are mainly implemented to help reduce the likelihood of alcohol-induced road accidents. It is also already considered a serious offence if one denies a breath alcohol test given by a police officer.  

Failure to comply with the alcohol driving limit

Failure to comply with the alcohol driving limit is punishable by law. Penalties have gotten more severe over the years, mainly to help with regulating drink driving occurrences. A BAC of 0.05% or higher could easily result in either a hefty fine, confiscated licenses, or impounded vehicles, with repeat offenders possibly acquiring jail time. Having a reliable personal breathalyzer as accurate as police officers prevents such severe penalties. BACtrack breathalyzers come with the professionals’ technology, which allows for an accurate and reliable personal blood alcohol content reading.  

Having the option to check one’s BAC constantly could easily be a justifiable reason why people should invest in having a personal breathalyzer. Knowing if they are on the alcohol driving limit could drastically affect one’s decision on whether they should take a taxi or drive home for the night. An accurate device like the BACtrack breathalyzer could help anyone planning to enjoy a drink or two. 


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