Reliable BAC Reading from Breathalysers Australia

Many people consume alcohol to make them feel relaxed or stimulated. Small to moderate amounts create euphoric and mood-altering effects within minutes. Likewise, people limit their intake to maintain responsible alcohol consumption and safe driving. However, responsible consumption is more than just counting the number of drinks. It also involves understanding how alcohol affects your body to avoid adverse health and safety risks. An efficient and reliable way to remain safe is to monitor Blood Alcohol Concentration through devices like breathalysers at Breathalysers Australia. Getting a BAC reading before driving minimises the risks of getting into an accident due to high alcohol intoxication.

The Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is the percentage of ethyl alcohol in your bloodstream. It indicates the level of intoxication or the severity of impairment. Thus, the more you consume, the higher the BAC level. People with high alcohol concentrations experience significant impairments that affect their ability to drive safely. In particular, it affects the capacity to reason soundly, coordinate movements, assess danger, or react quickly. Therefore, a high BAC level is a risk factor for road accidents or car crashes. As a result, many people use a breathalyser to take a BAC reading to minimise road risks or hazards. 

BAC Reading: Factors that affect the BAC

Alcohol is a volatile substance that affects sensory and motor functions within minutes after ingestion. However, despite the body’s rapid absorption of alcohol, it can only process alcohol at a fixed rate of one standard drink per hour. Additionally, it peaks in the body 60 to 90 minutes and stays longer, depending on the amount consumed. The most efficient way to estimate the BAC or intoxication is through a breathalyser. It is a compact handheld testing device that measures a person’s alcohol content through the breath. Devices are available at Breathalysers Australia to measure the BAC effectively. However, knowing what affects the BAC is important before we delve into how a breathalyser takes a BAC reading. The following factors that influence the BAC are:

  • Body size – smaller body type tends to become impaired quicker. The body composition is important as the circulatory system distributes alcohol to different body parts.
  • Amount of body fat – body fat does not absorb alcohol. So, the resulting concentration of alcohol in the lean tissues is higher.
  • Food intake – food in the stomach slows down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.
  • Medications – alcohol reacts with certain drugs, which increases the BAC. 
  • Alcohol percentage in a drink – the more a beverage contains alcohol, the faster the BAC will escalate.
  • Rate of consumption – the faster you drink, the quicker the BAC will peak in the blood. Particularly, the liver is unable to keep pace if more than one standard drink is consumed per hour. 


The Accuracy of Fuel Cell Breathalysers

Any amount consumed poses risks, especially in driving. Thus, knowing the exact BAC level is crucial to avoid untoward incidents. A quick way to get a reliable BAC reading is through an alcohol breath test. Modern breathalysers use sophisticated sensor technology to calculate the amount of alcohol in a breath. Most BACtrack testers at Breathalysers Australia utilise fuel cell sensors, which have the highest precision among standard personal breathalysers. Fuel cell breathalysers undergo an electrochemical process to oxidise alcohol in the breath sample. The oxidisation produces electrical currents based on the volume of alcohol. Therefore, the stronger the currents, the higher the BAC. Unlike standard semiconductor breathalysers, fuel cell sensors are specific to ethanol and do not react with other substances in the breath. Consequently, it is less likely to produce false positives.

How to Get a Reliable BAC Reading

Facilitating a breath test with a breathalyser is fairly quick and easy. You can get a reliable BAC reading with BACtrack breathalysers in just a few steps. However, ensure that you follow the guidelines in using a breathalyser. To get the most out of your device and the most accurate results, the following are essential:

  • Wait for 15 to 20 minutes – it is crucial to wait after eating, smoking, or drinking before taking a breath test. The period allows alcohol to reach the lungs to vaporise and release through exhalation. It also minimises the probability of alcohol residue in the mouth interfering with the results.
  • Test your BAC after consumption – the BAC level may increase rapidly from the first sip and depending on how alcohol works in the body. Thus, testing after each drink helps you moderate your intake and keep your BAC under control.
  • Breathalyser operation – breathalysers deliver accurate results with the proper use of the device. During a breath test, inhale deeply and blow steadily into the mouthpiece for five seconds or until you hear the end of the beeping sound. Avoid spitting saliva or other particles into the device to avoid damaging the sensors. 
  • Use fresh mouthpieces – use a clean mouthpiece every time you test. Likewise, use a separate piece when sharing the breathalyser with a friend. 
  • Periodic recalibration – alcohol residue may build up in the sensors over time. Ensure that you send the unit back for recalibration after several tests. 


BAC Reading: Breathalysers Australia and Drink Driving

Alcohol impairment is a leading cause of road accidents and fatalities. Due to the high rate of drink driving incidents, Australia imposes an alcohol limit of 0.05% BAC. Therefore, you may face legal charges if your BAC reading in a police inspection is 0.05% or higher. It includes fines, prison terms, and license suspension. Moreover, high-range driving or repeat offences are subject to a mandatory alcohol interlock program. The alcohol interlock involves installing an ignition interlock device to the car engine, which requires a zero BAC every time you drive. As a result, more people use a breathalyser to avoid going over the legal limit. Fortunately, you may avail of pro-grade devices at Breathalysers Australia for personal use. The BACtrack breathalysers have a one-button operation for quick and easy use. 

Simply press the power button and wait for the signal to blow. Once the sensors are ready, provide a sufficient breath sample and wait for the results. The BACtrack breathalysers analyse the sample and deliver the BAC reading in 10 to 15 seconds. Therefore, the quick operation and accuracy of BACtrack enable you to determine your precise BAC level and make informed decisions. It also helps you become more aware of how alcohol works in your body. You may choose from a wide array of devices, ranging from professional-grade breathalysers or units with smartphone connectivity. The BACtrack S80 Pro is a premier breathalyser of Breathalysers Australia with FDA approval and DOT compliance. 


A reliable BAC reading is vital to keep you safe from the harmful impacts of alcohol use. A personal device like a BACtrack breathalyser is valuable in estimating the alcohol content to prevent severe impairments. Furthermore, knowing the factors that affect the BAC level can guide in moderating consumption and remaining within the alcohol limit.