How to Read Breathalyzer Test Result

People can now enjoy spending time with friends or family with ease thanks to personal breath alcohol testers or breathalyzers. A breathalyzer is a small device that can help people stay within their alcohol limits. BACtrack has a wide range of breathalyzers for personal use. A BACtrack breathalyzer can accurately calculate how much alcohol content is in the bloodstream through a sample breath. The sample breath undergoes a chemical process that translates to a BAC result within seconds. To effectively use a breathalyzer, you must know how to read breathalyzer test results.

Knowing how to read breathalyzer test results will make more sense if you understand the importance of blood alcohol content (BAC). Knowing the BAC is vital since it determines a person’s level of intoxication. In Australia, the legal limit for alcohol is 0.05% only. Driving with a BAC of more than that is a criminal offence. You will face criminal penalties, fines, and driving disqualifications if driving with a high BAC. Checking your alcohol level can significantly minimize the risks of road accidents and having legal problems. 

How to Read Breathalyzer Test Result: Knowing Your Numbers

The BAC is the number of milligrams (mg) of alcohol per 100ml of blood. How to read breathalyzer test results with BACtrack? For easier reading, BACtrack displays the BAC results in percentage (%), also the international standard for BAC. To use a breathalyzer, insert a fresh mouthpiece into the device. Turn it on and wait for a few seconds for the unit to warm up. The screen will initiate a countdown, so you will know when it is time to blow a breath sample. When the countdown reaches zero, the screen will flash “START”, signalling to blow into the mouthpiece for five seconds until you hear a beep sound. The sensor will analyze the breath sample and display the results on the screen.

For some people, a BAC of 0.02% and above is a positive test result for a Zero Tolerance screening. Novice drivers or those under alcohol interlock programs must maintain a 0.00% BAC. They fall under the Zero Tolerance alcohol screening criteria. Understanding how to read breathalyzer test results what they mean is essential. BAC readings can directly translate to a person’s current motor and mental capabilities. With BACtrack professional-grade personal breathalyzers, you can be confident that your BAC readings align closely with law enforcement. This accuracy allows you to assess your capabilities to drive effectively. BACtrack aims to help you make smarter decisions after alcohol consumption. Decisions like asking a sober friend to drive for you or take a taxi instead come sometimes be life-changing. 

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