Drinking While Driving Preventive Measures

With issues of alcohol usage worldwide, city and country officials have now started implementing stricter policies and penalties; these are some preventive measures for drivers drinking while driving. Australia, for example, now has a reduced allowed driving limit of 0.05% blood alcohol content (BAC). It is mainly to help maintain safer roads and prevent the likelihood of alcohol-induced accidents. Preventive measures for a BAC level of over 0.05% are necessary; this is because of alcohol’s effects on individuals with a high BAC. A driver with a BAC between 0.05% and 0.10%, for example, would most likely present to having moderate coordination, motor, memory, judgment, and awareness impairments which could then drastically affect their ability to drive.

The drastic change towards DUI penalties has proven to be an effective preventive measure against drinking while driving. Having heavier fines and the possibility of a confiscated license, even to first-time low-range offenders, has dramatically raised the awareness about the seriousness of drinking while driving. Law enforcers use breathalyzers to test the BAC of drivers driving suspiciously or irregularly; this helps them single out drivers that may endanger others. The higher the BAC reading, the more severe their penalties could be, and refusing a breathalyzer test given by a police officer is also now considered a serious offence. People nowadays have started using personal breathalyzers to help prevent unwanted run-ins with the law and avoid all the severe penalties that can come with DUI charges. It allows for more frequent BAC self-testing, helpful especially to those planning on driving home after drinking.

Prevent drinking while driving with BACtrack breathalyzers

Personal breathalyzers are now as reliable as a police officer’s or medical professional’s breathalyzer. Devices like BACtrack breathalyzers have fuel cell sensor technology, the same technology you could find in a breathalyzer of a law enforcer. It allows for professional-grade accurate results to be more available to those who use personal breathalyzers. Being able to monitor one’s BAC constantly could drastically help their decision-making for the night. Knowing one’s BAC could help them decide when they should stop drinking so that they could still legally drive home; information that could be very handy, especially to those who may not have the liberty to leave their car for the night. Managing drinking while driving is now made easier with easy-to-use police-grade devices like BACtrack breathalyzers.

With all the available accurate and effective personal breathalyzers, one should note how good an investment is. Considering the other severe penalties like ignition interlocks, impounded vehicles, and possible jail time one could get when drinking while driving, being able to monitor one’s BAC may now seem like a reasonable investment.


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