Drug and Alcohol Solutions for Australia Review

Drug and alcohol availability has proven to have increased drastically over the years. Despite having countries with laws completely against the selling and using drugs; the prevalence of usage still seemed to have risen. The increase in drug and alcohol usage mainly affects an individual’s behavior and awareness which could endanger others. Companies and business owners alike have now turned to find preventive drug and alcohol solutions in Australia to help keep their workplaces safe. Policies like more frequent and random drug and alcohol tests are now being performed with the help of mobile testing units and machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer. 

Despite being the most accurate form of testing, taking blood samples is more costly and more time-consuming to collect. This reason alone is why companies would instead prefer BACtrack workplace breathalyzers. All it takes is one sturdy blow into the sterile tube. The results will be ready within a few seconds, which allows for more frequent, cost-effective, and less time-consuming testing; given that there is a certified sample collector for the company. With the help of more accurate and innovative machines, drug and alcohol solutions in Australia can be managed more effectively.  

BACtrack for Drug and Alcohol Solutions in Australia

Preventing an unhealthy and disruptive lifestyle from their employees would also help increase the likelihood of a safer workplace. Machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer can test alcohol taken within 15 minutes, and results last up to 24-48 hours. This helps prevent workers from ever starting a disruptive habit before, during, and after work, proving to be one of the more effective drug and alcohol solutions in Australia. Having a BACtrack workplace breathalyzer would also negate the need for other costly methods like hiring a mobile testing unit.  

Programs that teach and train employees within a company to help recognize and evaluate whether their colleague may or may not be under the influence have proven to be another more efficient drug and alcohol solutions in Australia. This prevents incorrect usage of tests and helps accurately point out individuals that might have problems. Individuals in question could then be tested with a certified breath sample collector and with the help of the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer. Despite being a costly solution, having certified personnel and an accurate machine like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer would prove a valuable investment for any company. Keeping in mind that preventing substance abuse of employees could save the company money in terms of safety regulations, risk management, and health insurance.   


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