The Drink Driving Penalty in Australia

With the rise of alcohol-induced accidents, city officials and governments implement stricter policies and penalties regarding DUI charges. The new drink driving penalty and policy serves to be a more effective way to maintain road safety around Australia. A blood alcohol content (BAC) reading of under 0.05% is now required to be deemed legally capable of driving, which is a lot less when compared to other countries like the USA that have a BAC requirement of under 0.08%. Police officers monitor the BAC of a driver with the use of a breathalyzer. These alcohol breath testing devices determine the amount of alcohol present in a person’s exhaled breath. With a reduced BAC driving requirement, people have now opted to own a BACtrack personal breathalyzer to help identify whether they can legally drive or not.  

Low to High Drink Driving Penalty

Along with a reduced BAC requirement, there is a more severe drink driving penalty added as well. The severity of one’s charges may be determined by how high their BAC is. A BAC of 0.05% to 0.079% is considered a low-range offence, 0.08% to 0.149% a mid-range offence and 0.15% or more a high-range offense. Even for first-time offenders, a low-range offence may now have penalties that include fines and the confiscation of their licenses for up to three months, which doubles up when an individual is a repeat offender. Constantly checking your BAC accurately with devices like the BACtrack breathalyzer may help prevent being classified as a repeat offender and suffering from even more charges.  

A Mid-range drink driving penalty may have even more severe consequences, like being placed in a mandatory ignition interlock program. They will install an ignition interlock in the offender’s car to check whether the individual has had a drink before starting their vehicle. If tested positive for alcohol, the device prevents the car from starting. A high-range offence can vary but could most likely result in an impounded vehicle and possible jail time. Prevent these major hindrances to one’s life with machines like the BACtrack breathalyzer. They can also inform a user when and how long until their BAC would return to 0.00%. Nowadays, people have made it a habit to use a personal breathalyzer, due to how user-friendly they are.  

BACtrack Breathalyzer

With the risk of acquiring a severe drink driving penalty in Australia, it may seem to be a considerable investment to have a BACtrack personal breathalyzer. Having an accurate police-grade device could easily prove more effective than just guessing your current BAC. 


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