Ignition Interlock Device: A Breathalyzer for Car Driving Ability

With driving under the influence (DUI) and alcohol abuse cases on the rise; governments and city officials have tried their best to maintain road safety and reduce alcohol-related accidents. Strict rules and policies have been implemented to help decrease the likelihood of individuals driving while intoxicated. Policies like having a decreased legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit and additional penalties; like having an interlock ignition device installed in your vehicle have been implemented to increase roadside safety. The ignition interlock device acts as a breathalyzer for car driving ability and checks for traces of alcohol within the driver’s system. Traces of alcohol content may cause the device to prevent the car from starting.  

Some states and cities mainly use an ignition interlock device as a penalty that repeated; or moderate DUI offenders typically get. It ensures that high-risk individuals who are most likely to drive while under the influence and cause accidents will no longer be able to start their cars. Most ignition devices would require a BAC of 0.00% to be started; but that all depends on the pre-set settings of the provider. To ensure complete reliability, the ignition interlock device being used as a breathalyzer for car driving capabilities of a specific person takes a picture of the person performing the test. This ensures that the driver cannot cheat the officials by asking someone else to take the breathalyzer test. To prevent such hindrances and repeated DUI offences, one should start using the BACtrack breathalyzer to reliably monitor their current BAC before driving and getting caught by officials.  

Countries that uses breathalyzers for car driving capability

Several countries opt to use an interlock device as a breathalyzer for car driving capabilities; mainly because of how easy it is now to monitor repeat offenders. Countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, New Zealand, and The United States all use these to help maintain roadside safety. The severity of one’s DUI charges can differ depending on how high a driver’s BAC is on the scene. The BAC can accurately be measured by machines like the BACtrack breathalyzer and the ignition interlock device.  

Road safety for drivers has now been made easier to maintain with the help of the interlock devices acting as a personal breathalyzer for car driving abilities. As a form of electronic monitoring for officials; it can easily prevent any further DUI incidents from those who are most likely to be involved in them. Despite being a hindrance for most, this is a necessary precaution as it can stop anyone who has taken a drink or two from ever driving. 


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