Information on the HLTPAT005 Training Course

HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing 

The HLTPAT005 is considered the Industry Standard for drug and alcohol testing courses. HLTPAT005 is a course designed for individuals who are needed to conduct on-site alcohol and drug testing within their workplace or for individuals who are considering working within the drug and alcohol testing industry as a specimen collector. 

The HLTPAT005 course outlines and specifies the knowledge, capability skills, and ability essential to have the authority for collection requirements. The course will help educate the individual on preparing the client and the equipment used for testing and adequately collecting test samples via urine or oral and breath testing by implementing the procedures made explicitly for applying for drug abuse testing.  

The HLTPAT005 course is required for respective personnel working in collection facilities, hospitals, medical facilities, other healthcare facilities, and workplaces. These places are required to have drug and alcohol testing. And HLTPAT005 has been identified as a Health and Safety requirement for the workplace. 

These include individuals working in:  

  • drug and alcohol testing 
  • mine sites 
  • transport depots 
  • large industrial sites, 

HLTPAT005 Course 

Undergoing the HLTPAT005 course is made to ensure the individual learns the proper procedures are followed when conducting on-site drug testing. And implementing alcohol breath tests by using the suitable instruments and arranging the appropriate way to pack and send a drug or alcohol test sample to the laboratory for testing. 

HLTPAT005 Course Content: 

  • Introduction to HLTPAT005 course 
  • Type of Drugs and what are their effects 
  • Australian Standards Review 
  • Different Drug testing techniques 
  • How to Arrange a drug test 
  • Various Drug testing instruments 

       (urine sampling cups & saliva drug testing) 

  • Confirmation of testing at a specified laboratory 
  • Requirements for Chain-of-custody 
  • The integrity of every Drug Test 
  • Procedures on how to Conduct a urine drug test 
  • Guidelines on how to Conduct an oral fluid drug test 
  • How to use a Breathalyser 
  • Methods on how to Conduct and record a breath alcohol test 

Individual Assessment 

The individual taking the course will be evaluated by demonstrating the various procedures applicable to the HLTPAT005 unit. The individual also needs to answer questions regarding their actions and how they applied their knowledge throughout the course. 

As a certified specimen collector 

You may find that the use of a certified breathalyzer unit is necessary for conducting alcohol testing. The BACtrack workplace breathalyzer units are AS3547 certified. BACtrack breathalyzers have police-grade accuracy that you can rely on when conducting workplace alcohol testing. 


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