Information on the HLTPAT005 Training Course

The HLTPAT005 Training course is a specialised course in specimen collection for drugs of abuse testing. Additionally, it is a comprehensive pathology training course in performing correct procedures for on-site drug and alcohol breath tests. The course unit follows the Occupational Health & Safety requirements for testing officers under Australian “Collector” status standards.

Under this program, you will learn how to prepare and package a drug or alcohol test specimen for laboratory testing. You will also learn the correct procedures for on-site testing. Specifically, the course outlines include knowing the drug types and effects, Australian Standards for drug and alcohol, and the testing methods available. Moreover, you will also learn how to use the different testing equipment and arrange and conduct a drug test via urine and saliva specimens. Furthermore, the HLTPAT005 program can teach you the basics of breathalysers and performing and recording a breath alcohol test. Lastly, you will also learn how to use breathalysers like BACtrack devices for workplace use properly.

HLTPAT005: Assessment & Application

To complete this course, you must demonstrate the essential knowledge to complete tasks in specimen collection. The ability includes:

  • Knowing the context for drugs and abuse testing across industries
  • Legal and ethical consideration and requirements
  • Collection procedures (before, during and after)
  • Transportation and storage procedures

Skills assessment includes demonstrating the above knowledge, including additional simulations not given in the workplace. Furthermore, you will also learn the use of suitable facilities, equipment, and resources; problem-solving skills like dealing with non-compliant clients. Once you complete the HLTPAT005 Training Course, you will earn a certification to work in the drug and alcohol industry as a Collector. The skills in this unit must adhere to the legislative requirements of the Australian Standards. For example, you can work in a hospital or medical facilities, collection facilities at mine sites, construction, or transport where drug and alcohol testing is crucial. Furthermore, learning to use devices like BACtrack workplace breathalysers through the course could drastically help with more accurate data collection.

Industry Standard

HLTPAT005 is the Industry Standard drug and alcohol testing course. In choosing a training centre, ensure that the system is in line and up to date with the Australian industry standard. Some training centres offer distance and online learning options for remote areas. It allows flexibility and convenience to learn at your own pace by completing written and practical assessments and online modules. If you choose online learning, the training centre will send you a comprehensive testing pack, including testing equipment, workbooks, and access to the online training portal. As a specimen collector, certified testing equipment like a breathalyser is necessary. The BACtrack police-grade breathalyser has a high accuracy rate and is compliant with Australian Standards for reliable alcohol breath tests in the workplace.

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