What is a GC MS Drug Test?

A GC MS drug test is one of the most highly sophisticated drug testing and screening approaches available. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry is a very sensitive and powerful machine that can identify chemicals or substances as minuscule as one pictogram. With its very precise nature, some might refer to it as a gold standard for drug testing. It is a type of confirmatory testing used to identify the specific drug used by a person. It is now widely used for drug and toxicology testing worldwide by companies and forensics alike. Urine sampling is used for this kind of drug testing method. Despite being entirely accurate, this method only confirms the exact drug used but is never the first option. Mobile drug testing units or the cost-effective and efficient BACtrack workplace breathalyzers for alcohol testing would first be needed to confirm alcohol or substance abuse.  

The need to know about GC MS drug tests

A positive urine scan via a mobile testing unit would lead the employer or police official to send a 30ml urine sample to the examining facility. The whole process of a GC MS drug test would take about an hour or less depending on the compound being tested but results could be released for as long as 24 to 48 hours. The GC MS drug test would also require a highly trained laboratory technician.  

Highly accurate and noteworthy tests like the GC MS drug test take time and money out of a company, which is why companies need to have constant and regular monitoring of their employees to reduce the chances of actually needing it. 

Keeping the workplace safe for their employees is one of the most important goals for any company or business owner as it directly correlates to worker satisfaction and efficiency. Being able to separate individuals who are under the influence from those that aren’t is essential because of how substance abuse can drastically affect the behavior and attitude of a person. The use of BACtrack workplace breathalyzers helps companies closely monitor their employees consistently. It is a hassle-free, cost-effective and quick way of testing for alcohol in a workplace. In conclusion, screening and tests like the use of BACtrack breathalyzers and the GC MS drug test are essential to proving a risk-free environment. 


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