What is a GC MS Drug Test?

Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC/MS) are powerful tools for detecting trace amounts of certain compounds. The GC MS drug test distinguishes complex chemicals in water or air. It can determine the amount of each chemical present in a sample and identify any substances. When combined, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry can enable a more exact identification of substances. Its unique character and advanced technique are recognised as the “gold standard” in drug testing. However, many individuals wonder, “If it can identify any chemical component precisely, why don’t people use it more often?”

The GC MS drug test through urine can analyse and provide a highly accurate reading of the chemical makeup of the urine. It can analyse any drug metabolites present, which is vital in drug detection. Despite its excellent accuracy, it is not usually the first choice for drug or alcohol screening. It is both complicated and costly to use. As a result, it is only used as a confirmatory test in most laboratories. Companies or officers will request a GC MS test if the initial screening test is positive. As a result, preliminary blood or urine tests are a low-cost method of detecting the presence of drugs in the body. Furthermore, devices such as BACtrack workplace breathalysers are best suitable to detect the presence of alcohol. A breathalyser device measures the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) by analysing the alcohol in the breath sample.

How does a GC MS Drug Test Work?

Gas chromatography uses a gas carrier medium for separating compounds in the urine. In gas, the sample vaporises, leaving only a single substance behind. On the other hand, mass spectrometry is a technique that classifies ions based on their mass-to-charge ratio. It aids in the identification of unfamiliar or volatile compounds in industrial or commercial contexts. The GC MS can also use in various forensic science applications. For example, it can analyse fire debris or explosions, unknown screen compounds at airports, and detect illicit or performance-enhancing drugs in athletic competitions. The GC MS drug test results are acceptable evidence in a court of law.

A GC MS drug test is expensive for each sample examined. It also takes many days for the results to return. Therefore, it is unsuitable for regular workplace testing. Standard tests such as blood, urine, or breath test are more cost-effective for helping maintain the workplace free of drugs or alcohol. Many available services can perform on-site workplace drug tests with urine collection. However, when it comes to alcohol tests, BACtrack workplace breathalysers can continuously check for alcohol usage in the workplace. A BACtrack device can prepare the results in 10 to 15 seconds. These devices also use the same sensors as a police officer’s breathalyser.


Types of GC MS Drug Test

Different analytical procedures required distinct detection abilities. While the gas chromatography system may stay unchanged, multiple mass spectrometers may be necessary for further analysis, depending on the amount of selectivity and sensitivity needed. There are three types of GC MS drug tests:

  • Single quadrupole GC-MS;
  • Triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS; and

GC MS drug test is highly accurate and can detect any drug. Therefore, it is often used to confirm a positive test result. On the other hand, for employers who want to conduct an alcohol test program, a breath test is one of the easiest ways to detect alcohol substances. Employers will need a breathalyser to implement an alcohol breath test policy. You can purchase BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia to achieve accurate breath testing. BACtrack devices are reliable and the most recognised brand of breathalysers nationwide. 

Different Methods of Testing

Various methods can help employers deter alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace. Aside from GC MS drug tests, a breath, saliva, hair or blood test can assist employers in determining drug and alcohol substances. Alcohol and drugs can damage health and increase the safety risks of employees. Furthermore, excessive intake may quickly result in severe impairment. Drinking alcohol can also cause blurred vision, hearing loss, decreased reaction time, and poor eye-hand coordination. As a result, impaired abilities increase the probability of an accident. There are numerous methods for testing drugs and alcohol. The most popular ways are as follows:

  • Breath test – A breathalyser detects alcohol for 12 to 24 hours, depending on the amount consumed. Breathalysers Australia’s workplace breathalysers include bigger fuel cell sensors for precise BAC estimation.
  • Oral fluid test – Saliva testing is concise and inexpensive. This process can be an alternative for people who have difficulty providing urine samples.
  • Blood testFor 6 hours, a blood test can detect alcohol and other drugs. It is the most accurate test available. However, due to its invasive nature, it is the least used for employment testing.
  • Hair test This one has the longest detection span among the other tests. This test will require the employee to provide cut hair strands.


Benefits of Drug Tests in the Workplace

GC MS drug tests and other different tests are beneficial for both employers and employees. There are several benefits why employee drug tests are essential:

  • Safe environment – random staff drug tests help deter substance abuse. A huge number of workplace accidents are due to drugs or alcohol-related. Drug tests can uncover individuals who may be abusing substances, allowing the employer to assist in rehabilitation.
  • High productivity and employee morale – A stable workforce leads to improved output and positive employee morale. Additionally, clear and sober employees have lower absenteeism and turnover rates.
  • Reduced legal liability – Employers are required by law to reduce workplace dangers. It is the employer’s job to ensure the workplace is always safe. Therefore, employers will cover any accidents that occur within the workplace.
  • Promote better health – Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace results in fewer accident rates and healthier employees.

GC MS drug test can positively impact the working sector and its productivity. It also helps minimise dangers both at home and on the roadside. If you are seeking a reliable testing kit, Breathalysers Australia has police-grade BACtrack breathalysers. Similarly, you can obtain a professional-grade breathalyser for personal usage. The BACtrack breathalysers are perfect for limiting your alcohol consumption. Furthermore, self-monitoring blood alcohol levels help keep you safe from road or job accidents.

The Accuracy of Breath Testing: Breathalysers Australia

Illegal drugs can impair employees and individuals. It increases the possibility of severe injuries and fatalities within the workplace or roadside. Therefore, implementing a GC MS drug test can help employers determine their employees’ drug consumption. Employers can also check their employees’ alcohol and drug substances through hair, blood, sweat, and a breath testing device. Conducting a policy to prevent intoxication will help employees against the negative consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. Furthermore, breath testing devices like BACtrack breathalysers can protect employers and employees from severe accidents in the workplace. BACtrack is the most recognised brand of breathalysers nationwide. It is a reliable and highly accurate device to measure employees’ and individuals’ alcohol consumption. Within 10 to 15 seconds, the device analyses the sample breath and provides the BAC results. BACtrack breathalysers are available from anywhere in Australia by visiting Breathalysers Australia online.