How Much Does a Car Breathalyzer Cost?

Driving while intoxicated can increase the likelihood of accidents. Alcohol intoxication affects perceptual functions and motor skills. Moreover, it can also interfere with attention, decision-making, and reaction time. Thus, it impairs the ability to drive safely and increases road hazards. Driving impaired is a key factor in road accidents every year. It can cause serious injuries and fatalities. Because of this, law enforcement now have more checkpoints and perform random roadside testing more often to effectively monitor drink driving. Drink driving in Australia is a criminal offence and it can come with severe penalties, including an alcohol interlock program. The program involves getting a limited driving license and installing a car breathalyzer. With the prevalence of stricter rules in drink driving, many ask: How much does a car breathalyser cost ?

The alcohol interlock program applies to repeat and high-range drink drivers. The court mandates fitting an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) to the car as part of the license’s conditions. The IID is a breathalyzer for a vehicle that requires a breath test to start the engine. The car will only start if the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is zero. Furthermore, one of the important aspects of the program is that the offender must pay for the service. A car breathalyzer cost includes multiple fees. Therefore, many people use a personal breathalyzer to avoid the legal complications and steep prices. The breathalyzers from Breathalysers Australia are excellent devices to monitor the alcohol level and prevent overconsumption. 

What is a Car Breathalyzer?

A car breathalyzer is an alcohol breath testing device connected to the car’s ignition. The driver must provide a 0.00% BAC result to start the car’s engine and drive. It ensures that the person is not impaired while driving. Moreover, the alcohol interlock program prevents habitual offenders from drink driving and reduces accidents. Car breathalyzers are sophisticated devices with technology that prevents users from bypassing them. Some interlocks come with camera features to record the right person taking the breath test. Additionally, all car breathalyzers have a rolling retest function. The retest prompts the driver to perform a new breath test at random intervals while driving. It ascertains that the person did not consume alcohol after the initial breath test. Due to its sensitive nature, a car breathalyzer cost can be expensive. 


Car Breathalyzer Services and Costs

The person must complete a minimum 12-month period under the alcohol interlock program. At this time, you must not drive another vehicle other than the one you registered. Driving another car without an interlock device constitutes another violation and may cause you to extend the program. You can get a car breathalyzer through different service providers recognised by your State. However, figuring out a car breathalyzer cost can be confusing when many fees are involved. In general, the prices for getting the core services are:

  • Installation – The installation cost will depend on the vehicle type, service provider and State laws. The prices start at $175 for standard and light vehicles. Hybrid and push-to-start cars are subject to higher costs.
  • Removal – The cost of removing the interlock device at the end of the program starts at $100.
  • Service or Leasing – This is a monthly fee for using the device. It starts from $160 per month. The service includes recalibration, downloading user data, and transferring data to authorities. 

In some instances, the person will have to pay additional fees in the middle of the program. For example, you will have to pay an extra car breathalyzer cost for a transfer fee when you need to reinstall the interlock device to another vehicle. Other fees are lockout and unscheduled services. The interlock will cause a permanent lockout after successive failed breath tests. 

Discounts for a Car Breathalyzer Cost

The estimated car breathalyzer cost for 12 months is over $2,000. This is a huge amount for most people. You may avail of reduced fees of up to 35% if you are an eligible cardholder. However, the concessions apply to one vehicle per person, the installation and monthly service fee, and the Alcohol Interlock Program cost recovery fee. Additionally, you must present a valid or current concession card at the time of installation and each monthly service. You may inquire to the service providers if you are eligible for the discount. The discount is available for cardholders of the following:

  • Health Care Card (low income only)
  • Pension Concession Card (full rate recipients only)
  • Pensioner Concession Card or Gold Card issued by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA).


Why Use a Personal Breathalyzer

Getting into an alcohol interlock program is a long and complicated process. It can be a hassle to perform a breath test every time to drive your car. Likewise, a car breathalyzer cost is also expensive. However, they are essential to keep repeat offenders from driving under the influence. Car breathalyzers also help minimise road crashes significantly. Many people use a personal breathalyzer to control their alcohol intake to avoid the high monthly costs of a car breathalyzer. The personal breathalyzers from Breathalysers Australia are portable devices that can estimate your BAC level. Most BACtrack breathalyzers utilise fuel cell sensors which give the highest precision in alcohol breath tests. Fuel cell breathalyzers are only sensitive to ethanol and do not react with other substances in the breath. Therefore, these devices are less likely to produce false-positive results. 

The BACtrack personal breathalyzer can process the breath sample and deliver the BAC results within 10 to 15 seconds. Many people use a personal breathalyzer to check their BAC before driving. For instance, if the device shows a high BAC level, you can make appropriate decisions. Some people stop their consumption if their BAC reaches or is near the legal limit of 0.05%. Others arrange other modes of transportation to avoid drink driving charges. You can prevent a high car breathalyzer cost by getting a personal breathalyzer from Breathalysers Australia. They are efficient devices that let you monitor your alcohol level and be safe. 

Save More with Breathalysers Australia

A car breathalyzer ensures that the person drives with zero alcohol in the system. Therefore, they help reduce impaired driving and road accidents. People under the interlock program must prove that they can separate drinking and driving. A car breathalyzer cost may be expensive, but it is vital to safeguard the public from impaired driving. A practical way is to use a personal breathalyzer routinely. The fuel cell breathalyzers from Breathalysers Australia provides pro-grade accuracy, and uses the same technology that police officers use in roadside screening. Therefore, you can ascertain reliable alcohol breath tests with BACtrack. Breathalysers Australia has various alcohol testers suiting different needs and budgets. Finally, you can save more with a personal breathalyzer by avoiding the need to install a court ordered car breathalyzer.