What is the Blood Alcohol Limit in WA?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is one of the most common reasons for roadside accidents; and is probably caused by the availability and social acceptance of drugs and alcohol nowadays. Major cities worldwide try their best to prevent and control the number of DUI cases with newer and updated policies and penalties. Policies like improved driving rules and a reduced blood alcohol limit in WA (Western Australia) have been added to help prevent alcohol or drug-related accidents.  

Despite having a legal blood alcohol limit in WA of under 0.05%; there are still rules provided for specific drivers that strictly require them to have a BAC of 0%. Novice drivers (only had a license for less than two years), repetitive DUI offenders, drivers with an interlock restriction, bus drivers, taxi drivers, and heavy vehicle drivers are all legally required to have a BAC of 0%. A BAC of 0.00% means that you cannot have any alcohol when or before driving. Keep in mind that machines like the BACtrack breathalyzer can trace alcohol intake from 15 minutes up to 24 hours. Having a device like the BACtrack breathalyzer can help prevent any DUI cases from ever being filed against you, as it can help you reliably determine if you can legally drive or not.  

Blood Alcohol Limit in WA Policies

Along with stricter policies, there are also significant changes to the penalties if caught breaking the new DUI rules. One should also note that declining to take an alcohol breath test for the police is already considered a serious offence; and the individual could be fined, detained, or have a court appearance. The blood alcohol limit in WA, level of BAC, and the number of prior DUI offences committed can drastically affect the severity of punishment an individual could acquire. But even first-time offenders nowadays may face hefty fines and a confiscated license of up to 3 months. Moderate offenders may be required to have an interlock breathing device installed into their vehicles; and more constant offenders may have their cars impounded.

The higher an individual’s BAC, the larger and more prolonged the fines and disqualifications are. With penalties spanning from $500 up to $2100, and disqualifications could be as long as 30 months.  

The new rules and regulations implemented against DUI will drastically affect an individual’s decision to drive when intoxicated; providing safer and more accident-free roads. Using machines like the BACtrack breathalyzer can help individuals monitor and check whether they have crossed the blood alcohol limit in WA and prevent them from acquiring such heavy penalties. 


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