Information on Alcohol Breath Test Levels

Celebrations with alcohol consumption are a massive part of many cultures. Social events will not be complete without alcoholic beverages. However, with social events or gatherings comes the risks of drink-driving. A person should not drive at a 0.05% blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or higher in Australia. The BAC is the level of intoxication you have after consuming alcohol. Going over the legal limit constitutes a criminal penalty. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to stay under the limit while consuming alcohol. Alcohol quickly impairs the senses, perception, and judgment depending on the type of beverage and concentration. A device like a breathalyser can reveal your alcohol breath test levels accurately.

A breathalyser like BACtrack devices can instantly determine the BAC or alcohol breath test levels by using breath samples. Various factors can affect your BAC, including weight, age, gender, body fat content, medications, and metabolism rate. Although alcohol affects individuals differently, each BAC level has common impairment symptoms. In general, A BAC level between 0.01 to 0.04% has mild effects on the body. Usually, this level lowers inhibitions and slows down reaction time. At 0.05-0.07%, impairments in judgment, reasoning, and perception are apparent. Driving at this level is already hazardous. Lastly, at 0.08% or higher, your coordination and balance are off with slurred speech and motor skill impairments. Under no circumstances should you drive at a high BAC.

Alcohol Breath Test Levels: Purpose of Self-testing

Knowing alcohol breath test levels can help you keep your consumption in control. Without constant BAC checking, you could lose track of your alcohol consumption. Therefore, you must check your alcohol content regularly to help you stay aware of your current state. After one standard drink, measure your BAC through a breathalyser to see how much your alcohol level has increased. To get accurate results, make sure you wait 20 mins after your first drink before breath tests. Moreover, some people are sometimes surprised to learn how quickly their alcohol concentration jumps from zero to near or over the legal limit. BACtrack breathalysers use advanced sensor technology to give precise and reliable BAC results. Additionally, the fuel cell sensors in BACtrack breathalysers are the exact sensors you can find in a police officer’s breathalyser.

It is better to take every precaution to help improve safety. Knowing your alcohol breath test levels can drastically help with better decision making after alcohol consumption. Understanding how alcohol can affect your perception, senses, and, most significantly, your driving abilities can make a huge difference in staying safe. Furthermore, through responsible use of a breathalyser, you can protect yourself and others from the dangers of drink-driving.

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