Tasmania Drink Driving Laws: The Need to Know

With issues of drink driving circulating everywhere, city and government officials are now trying their best to improve the handling of DUI charges. Tasmania drink driving laws, for example, now have more severe penalties when broken. To monitor roadside safety and prevent alcohol-induced accidents, police officers use breathalyzers to help them identify potentially dangerous drivers. A breathalyzer monitors the blood alcohol content (BAC); this can help measure the amount of alcohol consumed and the potential severity of the DUI penalty to be given. When drink driving, one should note that refusing to perform a blood alcohol test when requested by an officer; as this is already considered a serious offence. It is illegal for drivers to have a BAC reading of over 0.05% in Tasmania and other places in Australia.  

One should note a few other important Tasmania drink driving laws, such as the specific special drivers’ BAC requirements. Taxi, bus, and truck drivers must maintain a BAC of under 0.02% when driving; this is to help maintain public transport and road safety. Furthermore, learner, probationary, and internationally licensed drivers must always maintain a BAC of 0.00%. To prevent such complications with the law, drivers may now use BACtrack personal breathalyzers to help them keep a low BAC reading. Other than calculating BAC readings, BACtrack devices can also inform its user how long and when until their BAC would return to 0.00%, a feature most handy for drivers that might have stricter and lower BAC requirements.  

Tasmania Drink Driving Laws Penalties

More severe DUI penalties help enforce Tasmania drink driving laws. It serves to help catch the public’s attention and raise awareness for the seriousness of drink driving offences. Even first-time offenders can now be given hefty fines of up to $1000 (10 penalty units) and have their licenses disqualified for about three months up to 12 months. Keep in mind that repeat offenders may get double the amount and length of the charges. To decide the severity of DUI charges, officials use the BAC level the driver presented with upon testing, and the penalties get worse the higher the BAC reading is. Ignition interlocks and possible jail time for those drivers that may have several DUI records within the last 5 to 10 years.  

Personal breathalyzers, like BACtrack breathalyzers, have same kind of technology as a police officer’s breathalyzers. It allows for more accurate and professionally-grade self-testing. Knowing one’s accurate BAC reading may help individuals abide by Tasmania drink driving laws and prevent them from driving with a BAC that is illegally too high. 


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