What is the Alcohol Limit in NSW?

With the prevalence of alcohol usage, stricter DUI policies have been implemented to help maintain road and driving safety. The alcohol limit in NSW and other places in Australia is now 0.05%; which is a vast difference compared to the 0.08% requirement of other countries. It means that driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05% or more in Australia would be deemed illegal and is punishable by law. The BAC of an individual can be measured using alcohol breath analyzers, also known as breathalyzers. Law enforcers monitor them by stopping and inspecting drivers that seem to be driving irregularly or dangerously. If a driver does go above the alcohol limit, DUI charges may be given by the officer; leading to some dire penalties.  

BACtrack Breathalyzers

Nowadays, people don’t have to wait for a police officer to tell them if they’re legally driving or not. Accurate and professional-grade devices, like BACtrack breathalyzers, have been made for public use to help them monitor their own BAC. After enjoying a drink or two, individuals can now make sure they can still legally drive and not surpass the alcohol limit in NSW; and other places in Australia. BACtrack breathalyzers also come with options that help inform would-be drivers on when and how long until their BAC returns to 0.00%. The importance of BAC being maintained under 0.05% is due to the effects one could present when going over it. An individual with a BAC of 0.06% and over could have moderate motor, functional, memory, and judgment impairments which can drastically affect one’s driving abilities.  

Other alcohol limit in NSW

Despite having a 0.05% alcohol limit in NSW, some rules require drivers to have a BAC reading between 0.00% and 0.02%. These include learner, provisional, taxi, bus, and truck drivers. Using a BACtrack breathalyzer to monitor your BAC constantly could prove to be helpful; as it can inform you whether you can legally drive or not. It prevents individuals from acquiring the harsh penalties given to DUI charges. Penalties like hefty fines, ignition interlocks, confiscated licenses, and impounded vehicles call all be avoided by closely monitoring one’s BAC.  

Besides saving money, though, drivers can also help improve their safety by checking in with their devices now and then. The breathalyzers also note the alcohol limit in NSW and other places of Australia and produce an audible sound that informs the user if they are still over the limit. Devices like the BACtrack breathalyzer can help people decide whether it is safe to drive home or take a taxi instead. 


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