The Best Breathalyzer to Buy in Australia

A breathalyzer, also known as an alcohol breath analyzer, measures a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC). The BAC determines the mental and functional capabilities of an individual, usually used by law enforcers. The BAC correlates directly to whether a person can still legally drive or not. A legal limit of under 0.05% BAC is required for drivers to be deemed legal to drive; anything above that is an offense punishable by law. With more and more breath alcohol analyzer devices available for personal use, one should note the best breathalyzer to buy in Australia. Having an accurate and consistent device like a BACtrack breathalyzer could effectively prevent any DUI charges for the user.  

There are many key features one should look at when choosing which is the best breathalyzer to buy in Australia. There are, for example, many BACtrack breathalyzer devices that come with many different yet convenient options. BACtrack breathalyzers like the C6, C8, and Mobile Pro come with options that allow users to connect their iOS, Android, and Google devices to the breathalyzer via Bluetooth; to have more detailed information shown in an app. The C8 and Mobile Pro can also provide information on how long until the BAC of the user reaches 0.00%. A more straightforward device, the BACtrack S80 Pro, is also available for users who want a simple yet reliable method to acquire their BAC. The S80 Pro can easily be turned on and used right away with no extra settings, modifications, or connections needed.  

BACtrack: Best Breathalyzer to Buy in Australia

The best breathalyzer to buy in Australia can be decided by the kind of technology it is built with. Like BACtrack devices, for example, made with fuel cell sensors, have the same type of technology that you can find in profession-grade or police-grade breathalyzers. It means that this type of personal breathalyzer can be as accurate and consistent as the one’s professionals rely on. Having the same reliability as professional devices but being easy to use is one of the primary features one should look at when looking for a personal breathalyzer. Monitoring one’s BAC accurately could go a long way in terms of safety and run-ins with the law enforcers.  

The penalties one could acquire from DUI charges are what some should focus on, especially when considering not buy a personal breathalyzer. Some penalties include hefty fines, impounded vehicles, and confiscated licenses to name a few. These can all be easily avoided with constant monitoring of one’s BAC, which is the main reason why people need to consider finding the best breathalyzer to buy in Australia. 


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