Police Breathalyzer for Sale at Breathalysers Australia

We all know that alcohol consumption may pose health and safety risks. A high alcohol level or BAC can impair your senses, perception, and motor functions. These impairments then translate to your ability to drive. Law enforcement regularly patrols Australian roads to ensure a safe journey for all motorists. They use police-grade breathalyzers to accurately measure a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC). Police breathalyzers use fuel cell sensors, the most advanced sensors available for breathalyzers. BACtrack breathalyzers feature the same type of sensor technology. There are devices similar to a police breathalyzer for sale at Breathalysers Australia.

Breathalysers Australia supplies BACtrack breathalyzers to individuals and workplaces. These devices can drastically help with personal and workplace safety. Most devices similar to a police breathalyzer for sale at Breathalysers Australia are affordable. There is a wide variety of personal devices available under many different price ranges. BACtrack personal breathalyzers use the same fuel cell sensors that police use but slight modifications. In particular, the best-selling BACtrack S80 Pro features the pro-grade Xtend fuel cell sensor technology with enhanced linear accuracy. The Xtend feature in this sensor means that it does not need constant recalibration to say accurate. Additionally, the S80 and the other BACtrack devices have DOT and NHTSA-approval to be personal breath alcohol testing devices.

Police Breathalyzer for Sale: Other BACtrack Devices

The BACtrack Trace and Mobile Pro are pro-grade breathalyzers also available at Breathalysers Australia. They all can deliver high accuracy BAC readings, ideal for personal or workplace use. In particular, the Mobile Pro is a BACtrack police breathalyzer for sale that can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth connection. It integrates the innovative smartphone app features to police-grade accuracy. This innovation makes BAC tracking easier. Additionally, the BACtrack Mobile has ZeroLine technology to estimate when your BAC level will return to 0.00%. The app can also connect you with Uber to help you catch a ride home.

Bringing the most advanced police breathalyzer for sale to date yet is no other than the Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen. This breathalyzer is mainly for workplace use. It is the most sophisticated professional breathalyzer suitable for a high-compliance environment. The Alcovisor Mercury uses a platinum electrochemical sensor for the most accurate output. Additionally, the Alcovisor Mercury is a touchscreen device with GPS positioning and customizable data fields. Despite its high functionality, operating the device is simple and easy. Each BACtrack unit at Breathalysers Australia comes with complete calibration services to ensure safe, accurate and consistent BAC readings. Finally, testing your sobriety is essential in any situation. The workplace wants to maintain a healthy and safe environment; at the same time, drink-driving laws are getting stricter to protect lives on the road.

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