Drink Driving Fines: How to Avoid Them

Drivers with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of over 0.05% can be subject to drink driving fines; this classifies as illegal and punishable by law. Law enforcers mainly monitor the BAC of drivers to help them provide safer roads and prevent alcohol-induced accidents. The BAC can determine one’s mental and functional state, which translates to their ability to operate a vehicle. The BAC reading can help officers single out those drivers who are more likely to endanger others; this is due to the mild to moderate motor and awareness impairments caused by alcohol intoxication.  

To help implement the driving limit set by officials and get the public’s attention, drink driving fines have now been drastically increased. Even first-time low-range offenders may now be fined about $500. They could even get their licenses suspended and confiscated for up to three months. Repeat offenders may also notice double the fine and length of the license suspension. Nowadays, though, one of the most effective ways of avoiding drink driving fines and other DUI penalties is by owning a personal breathalyzer. Accurate personal breathalyzers, like the BACtrack breathalyzer, are now being made with fuel cell sensor technology, the same technology one would find in the breathalyzer of a police officer. It allows personal devices to help their users accurately identify their BAC and determine whether they can legally drive or not.

Penalties for drink driving fines

Other than a hefty drink driving fine and a confiscated license, other drivers may be more severe penalties. Other severe penalties include ignition interlocks, impounded vehicles, and possible jail time; they can all be acquired depending on how high one’s BAC readings are. Personal breathalyzers can easily and frequently monitor the severity of one’s intoxication. Breathalyzers like the BACtrack personal breathalyzer have a One-touch Operation system that allows any user to effortlessly perform accurate alcohol breath tests. BACtrack breathalyzers can also calculate when and how long it would take for their user’s BAC to return to 0.00%; which is another helpful feature that can help others avoid drink driving fines.  

The best way of avoiding hefty drink driving fines and other penalties is to own a personal breathalyzer. It allows people to keep their BAC in check and not need to wait for police officers to inform them whether they can legally drive or not, which in most cases is already too late. 


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