Drug and Alcohol Compliance Services

With drug and alcohol-related issues on the rise globally, companies try their best to prevent usage from their employees. The use of drugs and alcohol among a company’s workforce could drastically affect their productivity and quality of work; which could cause a loss of revenue. This has made companies start implementing stricter drug and alcohol policies. Policies like having more frequent tests with the help of drug and alcohol compliance services and machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer are now increasingly implemented by many companies. The availably and reliability of services for drug and alcohol testing have made it easier for companies to maintain a safer workplace.  

Drug and alcohol compliance services, what they offer

Drug and alcohol compliance services exist to ensure accurate and dependable substance testing. With many services available around the clock (24/7), companies nowadays find it easier to maintain a drug and alcohol-free workplace. Urine samples are what almost all the services use to test for drug usage. A urine sample can be used to detect traces of marijuana, steroids, cocaine, opioids, and barbiturates. If tested positive, the employee’s sample would then be sent, as required by the law, to a certified laboratory for further testing and to identify the exact drug used. Blood samples are more accurate but have a much longer and costly process; which is why most companies would prefer using urine samples. 

On the other hand, alcohol testing can simply be done by blowing into the sterile tube of a machine like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer and having the results within a few seconds. Machines like this help companies monitor alcohol intake more frequently. Alcohol with this device can be traced from about 15 minutes of in-take and up to 24 hours. It helps companies reduce the chances of any of their employees coming to work under the influence. The need for drug and alcohol compliance services may be wholly negated when having a reliable machine ready for the company, given that there is a certified breath alcohol tester present during the tests.  


Companies and their drug and alcohol policies may tend to vary. Most companies regularly request help from drug and alcohol compliance services when testing employees for pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, return-to-duty, or random mass testing. This is done to help ensure the safety and efficiency of the workplace. Having effective anti-drug and alcohol strategies within the company would also help decrease the chances of any of their employees developing or continuing a bad habit. 


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