About Breathalysers Australia

Having a drink to relax or celebrate is a normal part of Australian life Approximately one-third of Australians consume up to four standard drinks in one sitting. Alcohol consumption can provide euphoric and relaxed sensations. However, excessive consumption can lead to severe impairments in cognitive and motor functions, posing high risks when driving or working. Therefore, the government has set guidelines to reduce overconsumption, making roads and workplaces safer. Australia sets the legal limit for alcohol at 0.05% BAC for when driving.  Most companies have a zero tolerance. Monitoring the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) with a personal breathalyser in Australia is critical for keeping below the legal limit. The personal breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia allow individuals to self-check their BAC after consuming alcohol.

Breathalysers are testing devices that can detect alcohol presence and determine the level of intoxication. Police officers use portable devices to test suspected intoxicated drivers on the road. They will ask drivers to take a breath test to check for their BAC. If their BAC reached the legal limit, they can face harsh penalties, including fines, license suspension, prison terms, and an alcohol interlock program. A personal breathalyser in Australia is indispensable when going out and consuming alcohol. It can help moderate intake to remain safe while driving. It is also valuable in workplaces for checking employee alcohol levels. A breathalyser in the workplace helps deter alcohol use and prevent accidents.

About Breathalysers Australia

Breathalysers Australia is the country’s specialist in alcohol breath testing technology. We have provided effective and reliable breath tests since 2012 through the BACtrack breathalysers. Using a personal breathalyser in Australia has gone up in demand because more people now want to be safer and more responsible when consuming alcohol. Moreover, BACtrack breathalysers are also the most recognised breathalyser brand in the world. It can help people make informed decisions when consuming alcohol. Furthermore, Breathalysers Australia continuously provides innovative products and services nationwide to many individuals and industries. In particular, safety-regulated workplaces like mining, construction, production plants, and transportation rely on the accuracy of workplace breathalysers to minimise hazards.  

Breathalysers Australia has a wide range of alcohol testers suited for many needs. If you’re looking for a dependable breath testing device, you can choose from the array of personal and professional breathalysers available. You can get a breathalyser in Australia with different features and styles that suit your preferences. Breathalysers Australia offers the following devices:

  • Personal breathalysers
  • Smartphone breathalysers
  • Workplace breathalysers


Personal Breathalysers

Australia enforces strict drink driving laws to reduce road crashes or collisions. A drink driving offence has corresponding penalties, depending on the BAC level found in your blood from roadside tests. You can use a personal breathalyser in Australia before driving to avoid legal charges. Breathalysers Australia has a wide array of personal devices that can help you maintain a BAC level below the driving limit. The personal breathalysers available are: 

  • Keychain breathalysers – The BACtrack keychains are the lightest and smallest alcohol testers of Breathalysers Australia. The BACtrack Go has a fold-out mouthpiece to protect it when not in use. It is ideal for personal or home screening use. On the other hand, the BACtrack C6 is the smallest breathalyser with fuel cell sensors and Bluetooth connectivity. These sensors can deliver fast and highly accurate BAC results. 
  • Smartphone breathalysers – The BACtrack Mobile Pro, C8 Smartphone and C6 Keychain are breathalysers that can connect wirelessly to a smartphone app. These breathalysers enable you to access your BAC results through a mobile device. The BACtrack companion app can record your BAC data and track them in a graph. Furthermore, the app features the ZeroLine technology, quickly estimating how long your BAC will return to 0.00%
  • Premier breathalysers – Breathalysers Pro Series features enhanced fuel cell sensors suitable for medium to high-level use. The BACtrack S80 Pro, Mobile Pro, Scout, and Trace Pro have pro-grade accuracy. These devices feature the same technology you would find in a police officer’s breathalyser.  

Workplace Breathalysers

Breathalysers Australia can also help secure the work environment through the robust performance of workplace breathalysers. A workplace breathalyser in Australia helps ensure safety through consistent alcohol breath tests. The device detects alcohol use and determines an employees’ blood alcohol level. The employer can administer alcohol testing to minimise safety risks through a workplace policy. Moreover, alcohol testing can help reduce accidents, improve productivity, lower absenteeism and turnover rates. Employers would typically use a breathalyser to test for alcohol during the pre-employment process. It can help determine if the prospective employee has risky alcohol behaviour that can impact workplace safety. Additionally, employers can also use a breathalyser to check for alcohol after a workplace accident (post-accident workplace testing). 

A workplace breathalyser in Australia is cost-efficient for monitoring sobriety and maintaining safe working environments. Unlike a BAC blood test, a breath test is a non-invasive method to measure the alcohol level. The workplace devices available at Breathalysers Australia are the BACtrack S80 Pro Gen2, Mobile Gen2, and Alcovisor Mercury. They feature an enlarged fuel cell sensor to measure the alcohol level over a complete BAC range. In particular, fuel cell breathalysers undergo an electrochemical process to oxidise alcohol in the breath. They are also highly sensitive to ethanol and are not reactive with other substances. As a result, they are less likely to produce false-positive readings. Lastly, their consistency over medium to high-volume applications make them excellent devices for safety compliance in the workplace. 


Buying a Breathalyser in Australia: Sales and Services

Breathalysers Australia has offices in New South Wales and Queensland. We provide fast dispatch through the Australia Post network. All orders in the morning leave the warehouse within the day. Then, orders in the afternoon will dispatch the following day. Please allow an extra two working days for regional deliveries within Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Moreover, Breathalysers Australia offer a full recalibration service for all breathalyser units sold. You will receive a notification through email and text at the maximum date for recalibration. Only trained professionals can recalibrate breathalysers. You can ensure longevity and accuracy for your breathalyser in Australia by sending it for recalibration when it is due.

Safety through Breathalysers Australia

Personal and workplace safety is possible through reliable devices like breathalysers. Breathalysers Australia ensures that all units provide the highest quality of alcohol breath tests. Each BACtrack breathalyser undergoes rigorous testing to ensure valid test results. The BACtrack Pro series has FDA approval and meets all federal requirements for an effective breath testing device. Additionally, all the Gen2 Pro series are Australian Certified. If you want the highest precision, go for a breathalyser with pro-grade accuracy. Most BACtrack devices utilise fuel cell sensor technology. It is the same technology found in a police breathalyser during a roadside inspection. Monitoring your alcohol level is simple and easy   with a BACtrack breathalyser in Australia. These devices can help you moderate your consumption and keep you within the allowed limit for driving. You may also visit Breathalysers Australia for more information on alcohol, drink driving, and breathalysers.