The Best Accurate BAC Calculator

Knowing and understanding your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) after consuming alcohol is one way to help you monitor your consumption. The BAC is the unit of measure that law enforcement uses to identify suspected intoxicated drivers on the road. You can use online BAC calculators if you want to find out your alcohol level. It requires you to input gender, weight, height, and your number of drinks to estimate your BAC. There are also BAC charts online to help you understand the calculator results. The best accurate BAC calculator should be able to give you a fast answer when you need it the most. It is better to have a personal breathalyser for on-the-spot calculations for that type of convenience.

There are limitations to online BAC calculators, which affect the accuracy of your BAC. Firstly, it takes time and effort to input your data. Secondly, BAC calculators have predefined values for the types of alcohol consumed and the serving size, which may not reflect the actual amount. Lastly, some individual factors are not considered, such as food intake, medication, and alcohol absorption rate. These can only give you a rough estimate of your BAC, and they are not close to being the best accurate BAC calculator. Fortunately, we have faster and more convenient ways to check your BAC accurately. With a single blow, BACtrack personal breathalysers allow you to get your BAC results within seconds (5-10 seconds for results).

Best Accurate BAC Calculator: Using Personal Breathalysers

The best accurate BAC calculator should test your BAC directly for optimal results. A breathalyser delivers your BAC results quickly and accurately. Breathalysers are small breath testing devices examining the alcohol content through your breath sample. The BACtrack device can show your BAC results on its LED screen or the BACtrack smartphone app. The BAC is in percentage for easier reading. Your BAC corresponds to the amount of alcohol you have in your bloodstream. A person with a BAC of more than 0.05% is considered legally intoxicated in Australia. You can face criminal charges if you drive with a BAC of more than the allowed limit. Therefore, it is essential to take your BAC seriously if you consume alcohol.

Online BAC calculators only give approximate BAC values, and they should not be a reference for driving decisions. The BACtrack fuel cell breathalyser is the best accurate BAC calculator you can find. You can trust BACtrack fuel cell breathalysers as they have the same technology as what police officers use. BACtrack uses the most advanced sensor technology for all its breathalysers. This technology allows them to provide the most accurate, professional-grade results.

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