Where to Get a Breathalyser Online?

A breathalyser is a device generally used by law enforcers or medical professionals to monitor the alcohol toxicity of an individual. It measures the person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) by making them blow into its sterile tube. People can now perform self-BAC testing by using personal breathalysers available in large retailers or online stores. It may help improve one’s safety when drinking and most likely prevent any unwanted run-ins with the law. Companies and business owners may also benefit from having a BACtrack workplace breathalyser; this is to help them closely monitor their employees with more regular and frequent alcohol tests. It allows employers to drastically improve workplace safety and productivity by reducing alcohol use’s possible health and injury risks. Luckily enough, buying a breathalyser online has drastically enhanced some people’s struggles with accessibility when looking for effective breathalysers.  

Breathalysers Australia

Looking for an effective breathalyser online is now more manageable; especially with online stores like Breathalysers Australia having various options for accurate devices. Breathalysers Australia offers some of the most well-known and reliable personal devices that are available to the public. The BACtrack breathalysers they sell have fuel cell sensor technology, the same kind of technology found in a police officer’s breathalyser. It allows personal breathalysers to provide accurate and professional-grade results for their users. Other than having a large variety of products, the website also offers valuable information about drinking and driving; and using breathalysers effectively as a personal or workplace device. Breathalysers Australia also offers recalibration services for its devices, which can be a valuable service to help with the device’s accuracy and longevity.  

BACtrack Breathalyser Online Features

Other than the accuracy, BACtrack breathalysers bought from Breathalysers Australia also have many other vital features that make them a more convenient and suitable option than other devices. The BACtrack S80 Pro, one of the most popular BACtrack devices, has an audible alarm that sets off when its user’s BAC tests above the alcohol driving limit in Australia. Other BACtrack devices also have wireless capabilities, connecting to iOS, Android, and Google phones via Bluetooth. It allows BACtrack breathalysers to provide more information via the BACtrack app. Providing information on when and how long its user’s BAC would return to 0.00% may seem like a handy feature one should look out for when buying a breathalyser online.  

Choosing to buy a breathalyser online using the Breathalyser Australia website may seem to be the more reasonable option mainly because of the devices and services they have to offer. 


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