Is an Online Breathalyzer Accurate?

A breathalyzer, also known as a breath alcohol analyzer, is a device that measures an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC), which determines the severity of one’s alcohol intoxication. Law enforcers and medical professionals typically monitor the BAC to help them maintain safer roads and provide appropriate medicine applications. Nowadays, though, people also use them as personal breathalyzers. It helps improve safety by controlling alcohol consumption and providing one’s BAC, which can help them decide whether they could drive or look for another ride home. An individual with a high BAC will most likely present with moderate motor, coordination, awareness, and judgment impairments, all of which can significantly affect one’s ability to drive and is the main reason law enforcers are monitoring it. With plenty of viable options on the internet for public use, many have doubts about the accuracy of an online breathalyzer. 

When buying an online breathalyzer, one should note that some will indeed have better accuracy than others. BACtrack breathalyzers, for example, have fuel cell sensor technology, the same technology found in a police officer’s breathalyzer. It allows it to have better accuracy than other devices, especially those made with a semi-conductor sensor. BACtrack devices also come with One-touch operations, which enables users to perform self BAC tests effortlessly with just a press of a button. Another advantage some online breathalyzers have is their size. Nowadays, most breathalyzers are smaller and more compact; this allows their users to bring them around easily. Despite being as small as a keychain, BACtrack breathalyzers can still be as accurate as any professional-grade device. 

Online Breathalyzer Features

There are many other vital features one should look for when looking to buy an online breathalyzer. Devices like BACtrack breathalyzers now have an option to connect wirelessly to your IOS, Android, and Google phones. It allows more detailed information shown by the BACtrack app. Besides calculating one’s BAC, BACtrack breathalyzers can also calculate how long and when its user’s BAC would return to 0.00%. This feature could prove helpful, especially to drivers who want to avoid DUI charges and learner and probationary drivers with BAC requirements of 0.00%. For those that want a less complicated device, the BACtrack S80 Pro, one of the most popular breathalyzers available, can be used as a standalone device that can still provide police-grade results without the need for any complicated settings, modifications, or connections.  

An online breathalyzer, like BACtrack devices, can now be as accurate as a professional’s and still be easy to use even with limited breath alcohol testing training. Knowing one’s BAC could drastically help decide how they safely reach home without any complications or run-ins with the law. 


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