BACtrack Breathalyser Review

Law enforcers and medical professionals alike have always relied on their breathalysers to help them determine an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC); this helps them maintain safer roads and provide appropriate medicine applications. When a breathalyser is blown into, it calculates the amount of alcohol present in the exhaled breath of an individual; then provides a corresponding BAC level. The BAC can determine the amount of alcohol within a person’s system; this translates to their mental and functional capabilities after alcohol intake. It is now illegal to drive with a BAC of over 0.05% and is punishable by law; this has made people start looking for and relying on personal breathalysers. With the help of a breathalyser review or two, one could see how valuable others find it and help them decide on what device fits them best.  

A breathalyser review can help you find certain vital features that should be present on effective devices. When people talk about the device’s accuracy, one should note whether it is a fuel cell sensor or a semiconductor breathalyser. Reviews on BACtrack devices would typically talk about how accurate their results are when testing with other products; this is mainly because BACtrack breathalysers use fuel cell sensor technology. It is the same technology in a police officer’s breathalyser. In short, BACtrack breathalysers are capable of accurate police-grade results that could exactly be the same or close to a professionally taken breath alcohol test. Knowing how precise a device can be can significantly affect one’s decision on what device they should purchase.  

Breathalyser reviews on the BACtrack C-Series

When choosing a personal breathalyser, one should also note the individual features each device can come with. For example, a breathalyser review on the BACtrack C-Series breathalysers talks typically about how helpful their wireless features are; and how easily they can connect to iOS, Android, and Google phones via Bluetooth, as well as how detailed the BAC information is on the BACtrack app. Another feature one should also look out for when looking at reviews is how convenient are the shapes of specific devices. In a BACtrack C6 review, people would generally talk about how much they enjoy its portability. Along with its wireless function, the C6 is small and compact enough to be attached as a keychain and is a feature many people tend to admire.  

With the help of a breathalyser review, one could see how beneficial and effective specific devices are. Information on certain devices can be crucial, especially when deciding to invest in a personal breathalyser. A dependable and accurate device like a BACtrack breathalyser can drastically affect one’s safety and easily prevent DUI charges for its user. 


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