Where Can I Buy a Breathalyser in Sydney

A breathalyser or a breath alcohol analyser accurately monitors a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC). The BAC determines their mental and functional state, which translates to their capabilities of working or driving. Law enforcers or companies mostly perform alcohol breath testing to maintain safer and efficient roads and workplaces. A BAC of over 0.05% while driving is considered illegal and is punishable by law. Breathalysers are portable devices that allow for an alcohol test to be done almost anywhere and in nearly every situation, which is why people nowadays are looking to buy their breathalysers. Having more severe penalties implemented for DUI charges could also be a good reason for having a breathalyser in Sydney.  

Breathalyser in Sydney

There are many places one could go to buy a breathalyser in Sydney. But they should also consider the kind of available devices a shop would have. Most major retailers and online shops have breathalysers available, but one of the most dependable and trustworthy sites for breath alcohol testers is the BACtrack online store. They offer complete information about BAC, driving limits, and guides on how to use breathalysers. More importantly, they have BACtrack breathalysers available for sale and, on some days, have them at a discounted price. They have easy-to-use devices like the BACtrack S80 Pro that only needs to be powered up with a press of a button to be ready for testing with no other modifications or settings required. They even have devices like the C8 or Mobile Pro that can wirelessly connect to your iOS, Android, or Google phone.  

Breathalysers Australia

When purchasing online, people should consider more trustworthy sites like Breathalysers Australia. They have 1-year warranties for all their devices, along with very responsive customer support. Deciding to buy a breathalyser in Sydney has never been easier, especially when online stores like breathalysers Australia have accurate devices that meet Australia’s regulations regarding breath alcohol testing. BACtrack breathalysers have fuel cell technology similar to those of police officers and medical professionals. It ensures the most accurate and reliable form of testing that almost anyone can do without prior training.  

A breathalyser in Sydney is now very easy to find in a physical store or online. Choosing the right kind of device that suits you can drastically improve your safety and reduce the chances of any DUI charges and the penalties it can come with.   


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