Where Can I Buy a Breathalyzer in Store and Online in Australia?

Our products originate from San Francisco, California and are shipped to Australia, where we have inventory on-site and in our warehouse. We offer quick and easy local courier delivery via the Australia Post network. If you wanted to buy a breathalyzer but didn’t know where to get one from, then BACtrack Australia is an excellent place to start. We also distribute our products throughout Australian retail stores and consumer electronic retail chains such as Harvey Norman. We offer to bring you easy ways to purchase BACtrack products in Australia. We have all the products to suit your needs when it comes to selecting an alcohol breath tester.

Buying a Personal Breathalyzer

At its basic level, a personal breathalyzer ensures you drive sober and within the legal limit and arrive home safely. The BACtrack range provides fast and accurate results, so you can quickly and easily determine your blood alcohol level after consuming alcohol. If you consume a lot of alcohol in the evening and need to drive the next day, a personal breathalyzer can be used to know your Blood Alcohol level and make the correct decision about driving safely the next day. The process takes only moments, and it can eventually prevent you from losing your job or license, let alone prevent a possible accident or worse.

Buying a Workplace Breathalyzer

This workplace breathalyzers range is ideal for workplaces that want to perform random, non-invasive breath tests on their employees without taking too much time and in a discreet and hygienic way. Mouthpieces come individually wrapped and can be disposed once used.

Buying a Smartphone Breathalyzer

A smartphone breathalyzer allows the user to blow into the mouthpiece, and then the results are wirelessly sent to an intelligent device such as a smartphone, where you can read the BAC results. If desired, you can share your results with family and friends through social media. This technology can be used if you are monitoring the alcohol intake of someone else or are accountable to someone else, and in this way, it is a great way to reduce your alcohol intake through awareness.

For general enquiries, you can email us at info@breathalysers-australia.com.au or make a call on our telephone number 1800 881 196.

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