Can I Buy a Breathalyzer Test?

Australia aims to strengthen safe road practices by significantly reducing road trauma over the next ten years. However, alcohol-impaired driving remains the top cause of road crashes every year. The best way to prevent road accidents and casualties is to check your blood alcohol content (BAC) before driving. Driving with a high BAC level means putting yourself and others at safety risk on the road. Knowing your BAC beforehand can help you decide if you could safely drive or take a taxi home. Seeing others use personal breathalyzers, people are now asking: Can I buy a breathalyzer test device, or are they exclusive to the police?

Often used by law enforcement, a breathalyzer is a portable breath testing device that instantly measures the BAC. A breathalyzer works by oxidizing the alcohol in the breath sample and determining the chemical reaction difference as the blood alcohol content. Police use a professional-grade breathalyzer on roadside screenings to apprehend suspected drivers of drinking and driving. Likewise, industrial use of alcohol breath devices has proven beneficial to maintaining safe and healthy working environments. So, can I buy a breathalyzer test for personal use? Unlike other testing methods, you can self-test your BAC through a breathalyzer. Fortunately, reliable breathalyzers like BACtrack devices are widely available in retail stores and online. Additionally, BACtrack personal breathalyzers are DOT and NHTSA certified as dedicated personal breath alcohol testers.

Can I Buy a Breathalyzer Test Device: BACtrack Personal Breathalyzers

Where can I buy a breathalyzer test? Most retail or electronic stores nationwide sell breathalyzers. You can visit the nearest store in your area and ask for a BACtrack device. BACtrack has a wide range of highly reliable devices suitable for your breath testing needs. The BACtrack breathalyzers range from keychain alcohol testers ideal for personal and at-home use, such as the BACtrack Go and C6 Keychain. For tech-savvy people, you can opt for smartphone breathalyzers such as the BACtrack Mobile, C8, and C6. Smartphone breathalyzers can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Lastly, if you need high accuracy and consistency, choose the Pro series of BACtrack. The BACtrack S80 Pro is the best-selling breathalyzer ideal for personal or workplace use. BACtrack devices use the same sensor technology that you can find in a police officer’s breathalyzer.

Finally, can I buy a breathalyzer test online? The BACtrack breathalyzers are available for purchase online. Check Breathalysers Australia for the most comprehensive list of reliable and accurate breathalyzers. Similarly, BACtrack breathalyzers are also available on major online platforms like Amazon Australia, eBay, and Norman Harvey. Responsible and safe driving after alcohol consumption is possible with the highly accurate BACtrack personal breathalyzers.

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