What is a Breath Alcohol Test?

What is a breath alcohol test? When you consume alcohol, it goes directly into your internal organs. It is then absorbed into the blood and carried throughout the body, including the lungs, brain, etc. The alcohol in the lungs leaves the body every time you breathe out. A breath test measures the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream through a device known as a breathalyser. A breathalyser is a portable unit that captures the sample breath through its sensors and processes it electrochemically. The alcohol present in the breath produces small electrical currents calculating the blood alcohol content (BAC). The breathalyser reports the BAC level, which translates to milligrams (mg) of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

What is a breath alcohol test used for? There are various uses of a breath test. Due to the nature of specific workplaces, they require breath tests to ensure sobriety to maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Meanwhile, law enforcement uses breathalysers to apprehend impaired drivers on the road. They measure the BAC of a person to know their level of intoxication. A high BAC or intoxication negatively affects your driving abilities. Therefore, preventing alcohol-impaired driving is essential to avoid fatal accidents. Law enforcement uses professional-grade breathalysers, also known as fuel cell breathalysers, to monitor drivers accurately. Fuel cell breathalysers have the highest accuracy in testing BAC for portable breathalysers. BACtrack personal breathalysers use platinum fuel cell sensors to give the most accurate and reliable breath alcohol test. Experts and current customers recommend BACtrack mainly due to its reliable sensor technology.

What is a Breath Alcohol Test, and Can I Test Myself?

What is a breath alcohol test for personal use? You can self-test your BAC through personal breathalysers, like a BACtrack device, to know your BAC. Guessing your BAC is no longer necessary. You can now make better decisions even after alcohol consumption because you know your exact BAC. Monitoring your BAC helps you control your alcohol intake and ensure you will not exceed the legal driving limit of 0.05%. 

What is a breath alcohol test and its advantages over other tests? A breath test has several advantages over other testing methods. Firstly, it is quick and easy. You can find your BAC level in just a few seconds (10-15 seconds in BACtrack breathalysers). Secondly, it is non-invasive; giving a breath sample is more convenient than getting a blood or urine sample. Lastly, a breath alcohol test through a reliable breathalyser provides accurate BAC results.  

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