Who can Buy Breathalysers?

The first alcohol breath testers were initially used by law enforcement to identify and apprehend intoxicated drivers on the road. The development of practical breathalysers helps the police enforce effective drink driving laws worldwide. If police suspect you of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, they will ask you to blow an exhaled breath into a portable alcohol tester. The device’s sensors analyse the breath sample and calculate the alcohol concentration instantly. As a result, roadside screenings have kept millions of intoxicated drivers off the road before road mishaps. However, people would find it difficult to determine their alcohol level without an effective device. Unfortunately, back then, it was costly to buy a breathalyser. Consequently, people back then would only know their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) when it was too late.

Over the past decades, breathalysers have become more affordable for the consumer market. Nowadays, anyone can buy a breathalyser for personal use. As a result, the availability of consumer breathalysers has led to reduced road incidents. BACtrack is one of the first to introduce personal breathalysers in the market. It provides people with a convenient way of checking their BAC to help make better decisions after alcohol consumption. Most BACtrack personal breathalysers employ fuel cell sensors that accurately estimate the BAC. Fuel cell sensors have pro-grade accuracy. Additionally, fuel cell breathalysers are specific to ethanol and do not react with other chemical compounds in the breath. As a result, they are less likely to produce false-positive BAC results. These are also the same sensors you would find in a police officer’s breathalyser.

Why Buy a Breathalyser: Other Purposes

Aside from law enforcement use, breathalysers are also essential in workplace settings. Alcohol testing is necessary for the workplace, especially if safety is paramount. As such, industries such as mining, aviation, transportation, hospitals, and construction implement zero-alcohol policies to manage occupational risks. Employers would buy a breathalyser to help maintain a safe and healthy working environment. A workplace breathalyser could help companies monitor the sobriety of their employees. Furthermore, consistent testing helps deter alcohol use and promote a healthier lifestyle. Having an effective alcohol policy can reduce accidents and improve productivity.

Breathalysers are vital in creating a safer environment, whether at home, road or work. You can buy a breathalyser to help you moderate your alcohol consumption. Self-tests can also prevent you from going over the legal driving limit (0.05% in Australia). Keeping track of your alcohol consumption can also prevent drink driving charges. You can easily avoid hefty fines, ignition interlock programs and possible license disqualifications by checking your BAC before driving. You can buy a BACtrack workplace or personal breathalyser at Breathalysers Australia. Furthermore, Breathalysers Australia offers the complete BACtrack breathalyser selection suitable for your needs and budget.

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