Can you Buy a Breathalyzer from your Home?

Can you buy a breathalyzer? Personal breathalyzers — much like the breathalyzer units used by law enforcement to conduct alcohol breath testing — can be an excellent precaution for safe driving when appropriately used. These breathalyzer units measure your breath sample to calculate and show an estimate of your blood alcohol content, also known as BAC. 

If you consider getting your own breathalyzer unit and wondering if can you buy a breathalyzer from the comforts of your home? BACtrack provides you with various breathalyzer units, and you can order one from our online store. 

Can you buy a breathalyzer? Yes, and here are what to look at 

Censor Type 

  • Fuel Cell Sensor -This sensor type measures the concentration of alcohol particles in the individual’s breath using the device. Most BACtrack units use this kind of sensor. 
  • Infrared Optical Sensor – This sensor type will measure the way the alcohol particle absorbs infrared light. 
  • Semiconductor Oxide Sensor – The semiconductor-type sensor is typically used in less expensive breathalyzers. Each time you blow into the device, it will calculate how the alcohol changes the electrical current when it reaches the semiconductor. 

Design Type 

  • Active – Breathalyzer units that utilize mouthpieces that you blow into are typically active-type units. The use of a mouthpiece will prevent any contamination from outside air, giving a more accurate result. 
  • Passive – A passive-type breathalyzer is generally designed for users to blow across an opening and not directly into the device via a mouthpiece. This might cause contamination, and the reading may be inaccurate. 

Device Calibration 

All breathalyzer units will be calibrated and ready for use. Although, all breathalyzers require recalibration on a time basis to remain accurate. BACtrack breathalyzers have the most extended recalibration requirement on the Australian market at 12 months. Over time, the unit’s sensors drift to a point where they may not hold calibration. 


You can buy a breathalyzer, but it is not a one-time expense. The unit will require continuous maintenance to hold its accuracy. 

Expected expenses 

  • Device – Most breathalyzer units will cost between $20 and $200. Can you buy a breathalyzer that is cheap? Yes, but it is not recommended as most would give out less accurate readings. 
  • Mouthpiece -Breathalyzers with Active testing require mouthpieces. BACtrack breathalyzers all come with free mouthpieces, but you will need to replace them over time. Can you buy a breathalyzer mouthpiece? You can purchase BACtrack extra mouthpieces that will cost around $10 per pack and includes 10 mouthpieces. 
  • Battery – BACtrack units are powered by batteries and come with fresh new ones. 
  • Recalibration – BACtrack recalibration services cost around $55. The service includes airway servicing and is issued with calibration certificates. 


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