drug and alcohol testing cost

Drug and Alcohol Testing Cost

Alcohol or substance impairments at work account for a significant number of workplace accidents and productivity losses. There is nearly $6 billion lost each year due to the impact of drug and alcohol use in the workplace. Therefore, companies are now setting drug and alcohol prevention programs to minimise work hazards. Additionally, significant funds are allotted each year for drug and alcohol testing costs to save more money in the long run. The importance of drug and alcohol testing is to reduce accidents, increase productivity, and improve employees’ overall well-being.

The standard drug and alcohol testing methods are blood, urine, saliva, and alcohol breath sampling. These testing methods collect the specimens and analyse them through accredited drug and alcohol testing centres or machines. In particular, alcohol breath tests examine the sample breath through a breathalyser. It is a device where you can blow breath through a mouthpiece and have it test for alcohol levels. The machine processes the breath through its sensors to determine the blood alcohol content (BAC). Workplace breathalysers such as the BACtrack Pro series use the most advanced fuel cell sensor technology. This sensor type can provide the highest accuracy possible for alcohol breath tests. The drug and alcohol testing costs may be high due to the need for professional collectors. However, the costs are worth it compared to the charges after an accident.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Costs: Based on the types of tests

The average drug and alcohol testing costs from accredited testing centres are $80.00 for random or blanket on-site testing. There is also a set-up fee of $105.00 to prepare the site for testing. Before on-site testing, the accredited personnel will set up the location with bathroom access (for urine test). Then, on the testing date, the testers will explain to the employees the purpose and procedure of the drug and alcohol test. The collectors transport the specimen to the laboratory for confirmation if there is a positive result. A laboratory evaluation is necessary to confirm and quantify the level of metabolites in a particular drug class.

The drug and alcohol testing costs may vary between off-site and on-site testing. Bundled pricing is also available to all drug and alcohol program clients. There are several drug and alcohol testing methods to cover many substances. For example, through a saliva or urine test, they can detect substances such as Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Opiates, and Marijuana. On the other hand, a breath screening test can detect alcohol and measure the BAC level. Therefore, many people think it is beneficial to have a breathalyser at work. You can quickly and easily check your BAC with breath testers compared to other testing methods. BACtrack pro-grade breathalysers are ideal for consistent and reliable alcohol breath tests. These devices can have your results within 10-15 seconds.

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