Drug and Alcohol Testing in Brisbane

Drug and alcohol testing in Brisbane; screening is vital to help put a stop to drug-related incidents at the workplace. Without the presence of a drug and alcohol policy, you would have no way of knowing if your employees are using or abusing drugs during work hours. 

The news of the growing number of drug and alcohol abusers is dangerous for Brisbane companies and business owners. And there is an increasing amount that are implementing safety measures at work. Drug and alcohol testing Brisbane employees is the most effective way of preventing drug use and abuse. Conducted studies and surveys have shown that a notable portion of drug users are part of the Australian labor force. 

Over 50 drug-related crimes are recorded each day in Brisbane. The standard and highly found substances are amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine, cannabis, and MDMA with testing. 

There are legal consequences for companies and business owners that deal with drug-related incidents. These long-term consequences include: 

  • Workplace accidents 
  • Low level of employee productivity 
  • High employee turnover 
  • Higher insurance premiums 
  • Workers compensation 
  • Litigation  

Importance of drug and alcohol testing in Brisbane

Drug and Alcohol Testing in Brisbane is becoming more and more essential in the workplace as the impact of drugs and alcohol abuse can cause serious work health and safety risks. 

Under the Workplace Health and Safety Act, employers are obligated and are responsible for providing their employees with a safe working environment and being aware of and manage risks in the workplace properly. As an employer, you should encourage identifying and managing the risks associated with misuse of drugs and alcohol amongst employees. 

Avoid High Costs and Legal Liabilities 

Drug and alcohol incidents annually cost Australian companies and business owners about $6 billion in lost productivity due to substance abuse. More importantly, are the costs that follow workplace accidents due to dereliction of duty. Typically lawsuits and Workers’ Compensation Claims and may come after a drug-related workplace accident. There is no place for an employee who abuses drugs or alcohol in any work environment, much less a high-risk and safety-sensitive profession. 

Who provides drug and alcohol testing? 

Various companies offer drug and alcohol testing in Brisbane. They typically provide pre-employment screening, random drug screening, fit-for-work screening, and more—alcohol and other drugs training programs for supervisors and management. You can also get help with Drug and alcohol policy review and development. It would be best to keep in mind that all drug and alcohol testing can only be done following your workplace drug and alcohol policy. 

It would be best if you made sure the company that is doing the testing is following the Australian Standards: 


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