Drug and Alcohol Testing in Brisbane

Mining and the healthcare sector are among the top economic industries in Brisbane. Mining made up 11% of the total Queensland economy, while the healthcare sector followed 8.6%. The healthcare sector has been one of the top economic contributors, with steady growth in the last decade. That is why you will find more hospital or medical units, including drug and alcohol testing in Brisbane. Many companies conduct drug and alcohol testing to promote healthy well-being. Companies now also provide workplace breathalysers for better employee monitoring. Additionally, many companies and hospitals use the BACtrack workplace breathalysers for reliable alcohol breath testing.

As the top industries are labour-intensive such as mining and construction, it is no wonder that drug and alcohol testing in Brisbane is essential. Workplaces with high hazard risks have to ensure that they maintain a safe environment at all times. One of the critical areas is the employees’ health conditions. The workers have to be clear of any substances that could affect their performance or productivity. For example, drug and alcohol impairments at work could lead to accidents or casualties. Additionally, workplace accidents could cost the company a lot of money annually for insurance and compensation costs. Therefore, employers must have a drug and alcohol policy to help them manage safety risks.

Drug and Alcohol Testing in Brisbane: Testing Methods

Employers who want to conduct drug and alcohol testing in Brisbane may check their online or local directory. Many facilities offer a complete testing service to support all levels of needs. A drug and alcohol test includes blood, urine, saliva, or breath test samples. The blood, urine, or saliva test collects specimen samples and analyses them in a laboratory. On the other hand, an alcohol breath test is a process of blowing through a breathalyser’s mouthpiece. A breathalyser such as a BACtrack device has a connected mouthpiece that captures the exhaled breath and processes any alcohol present through its sensors. The device shows the BAC result or the amount of alcohol in the system if alcohol is present.

Aside from on-site screening, drug and alcohol testing in Brisbane also offers services for pre-employment screening and drug training programs. For a convenient alcohol screening, you can administer it through a breathalyser. BACtrack breathalysers are ideal for personal or workplace use as they are highly accurate. Unlike other sample tests, you can quickly check your alcohol level at any time (10-15 seconds for BACtrack breathalyser results). Additionally, breathalysers are more accessible and cost-efficient. Investing in a workplace breathalyser can help monitor the employees’ sobriety and prevent untoward incidents.

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