Why Random Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing is Important in the Workplace

Random drug testing in the workplace is vital, as it can help monitor the employees’ health and well-being. A drug and alcohol test is essential to prevent untoward incidents. Additionally, most workplace accidents occur because of drug or alcohol impairment. Therefore, a comprehensive drug and alcohol program is vital to maintain a safe and healthy environment at all times. Most industries require a zero-tolerance policy to eliminate work hazards. For example, those in mining, construction, health, or law enforcement must not have any drug or alcohol amount in their system while working. If you work in one of these sectors, you will understand the importance of being clean and sober. A breath test through a breathalyser is a cost-efficient and effective way of detecting alcohol. Breathalysers Australia provides police-grade BACtrack breathalysers suitable for workplace requirements.

Is random drug testing allowed? Some people believe that random drug tests are intrusions to their privacy. However, it is perfectly legal for businesses to request drug or alcohol testing at work. Additionally, the Work Health and Safety Act oblige employers to eliminate all preventable work hazards. The employer can ask for drug testing if there is a substantial reason that there is something that can affect the productivity or safety of others at work. Random drug tests are unannounced, and a computer-generated system picks out numbers randomly. It gives everyone an equal and unbiased chance to be picked for the test. A testing centre facilitates random drug testing by collecting blood, urine, or saliva specimens.

Random Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing: Other Benefits

Random drug testing and alcohol testing are also critical in promoting overall stability in the workplace. It is because substance use has a direct impact on work productivity. Drug and alcohol impairments can lead to poor attendance, low output, aggressive behaviour, and strained relationships. Random drug testing can deter people from the temptation of using illicit substances. Furthermore, a breathalyser at work helps monitor alcohol intoxication. Employees may also voluntarily check their blood alcohol content (BAC) to confirm sobriety. BACtrack breathalysers are AS3547 certified. This certification means that BACtrack units meet the Australian Standards for a reliable and valid alcohol breath test for personal and workplace use.

Lastly, random drug testing and alcohol testing can minimise liability costs. Workplace accidents could cost companies a lot of money each year for insurance, hospitalisation, or legal expenses. Therefore, effective risk management is essential to avoid any issues. As an employer, you could find companies that provide on-site tests. On-site tests allow for continuous workflow as the testers perform tests within your workplace. Additionally, breathalysers are ideal for checking alcohol content in the workplace. Breath tests are quick and highly accurate. Machines like BACtrack workplace breathalysers can process results in 10-15 seconds. These devices also feature the same sensor technology that you would find in a police officer’s breathalyser.

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