Why Random Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing is Important in the Workplace

There are various drug and alcohol testing options to screen for alcohol and commonly used drugs. Using a sample of urine, saliva, and alcohol breath tests devices is typically the most conventional workplace drug testing method available used for random drug testing. 

Drug and alcohol policies should clearly outline who is covered; it is crucial for companies and employers that they understand when to conduct random drug testing. And that they specify who will undergo the drug test; since there are various reasons and conditions in determining who will get tested and the testing frequency. The drug and alcohol policy should also indicate the disciplinary consequences for an employee refusing to get tested; or when an employee has tested positive. As an employer, it is crucial to provide a clear and all-inclusive written policy that all employees accept when implementing drug and alcohol testing in the workplace. It is also essential that you provide your employees basic training and educate them regarding the dangers of drug alcohol abuse. 

Random Drug Testing 

Conducting random drug testing in the workplace is an excellent way to improve workplace safety. Random drug testing may prevent drug use and helps ensure that your labor force is not under the influence without singling out specific employees. 

Random drug testing is conducted in unannounced and unpredictable terms. Typically the random selection tool for the employee selection is a computer-generated system to ensure that each employee has an equal chance of being picked for the random drug testing. Detecting drug and alcohol abuse among employees is difficult. It is generally too late because apparent signs of drug and alcohol abuse are usually accidents or injuries from the workplace. 

Should You Do Random Drug Testing? 

Drug and alcohol abusers usually tend to take more sick days and have high absenteeism, and their turnover rate is generally higher than other employees. If employees are under the influence of recreational drugs, you may notice that productivity is usually low.  

Without implementing a random drug testing policy, an employer cannot ensure that your employees and equipment are safe. If you create and enforce a transparent and all-inclusive drug and alcohol policy, you can greatly reduce the costs and liability caused by incidents related to drug use. 


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