Advantages of Having a Home Breathalyzer

As individuals become more health-conscious, alcohol home breathalyzers have become increasingly prevalent and those who consume more than a couple of drinks of alcohol each day may endanger their health overtime. Moderate alcohol consumption consists of two to four drinks for males and one to two drinks for women. And being under the influence, they may cause harm around them. We’ve all heard about alcohol detectors. These machines, often known as breathalyzers or alcohol testers, are used to determine the alcohol level of a person’s breath. Law enforcement officers use alcohol testers worldwide because the alcohol percentage displayed in a sample taken is identical to a blood test. Are you considering using a personal breathalyzer at home to examine your blood alcohol levels for you or your loved ones whom are regular drinkers? Continue to read and learn more about the advantages of owning a home breathalyzer. 

Breathalyzers were quite pricey before and difficult to get for a typical customer. But in recent years, personal breathalyzers became smaller, affordable, more reliable, and more readily accessible in stores. We are seeing more and more people buying personal home breathalyzers each day. You can easily acquire reliable Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) readings with a home breathalyzer. Choose an accurate device that has numerous reviews. BACtrack has one of the most highly-rated portable breathalyzers on the market globally.

Advantages of a Home Breathalyzer

  • Anyone who needs to be highly confident that they can legally drive should consider purchasing a home breathalyzer.  
  • Breathing into an interlock, alcohol reading typically counts as a violation of your protocol, so you can’t just test the machine to see whether you are within the restrictions. This is where a home breathalyzer comes in handy.  
  • All home breathalyzers are not made identical. While all semi-conductor breathalyzer testers aren’t as accurate as the more expensive models, they are still good for those on a budget who don’t have any restrictions and need an indication within a small range of their level.. However, the gold standard in alcohol sensing technologies is the fuel cell sensor breathalyzer. This fuel cell breathalyzer has the same approach that your installed alcohol interlock works. You can browse fuel cell breathalyzers at our store. 
  • Home breathalyzers are becoming more accessible to regular drinkers daily. Using these portable gadgets assists you in making appropriate and informed judgments to avoid drink driving, which may result in an accident and maybe the death of an individual, as well as a costly fine and having your driving license taken away. Breathalyzers assess the body’s alcohol level in a matter of seconds and the amount of alcohol level that you can test repeatedly.  
  • Nothing makes a night out more unpleasant than getting pulled over by police and not knowing whether the amount of alcohol ingested surpassed the legal limit. Yes, home breathalyzers are necessary because they correctly assess alcohol levels, keeping you out of the hands of the authorities. Before reaching the market, home breathalyzers are subjected to several quality control, ensuring the device’s accuracy. The breathalyzer calibration is conducted in such a manner that the findings are easy to interpret. 
  • A home breathalyzer is of high-quality grade to endure a variety of difficult situations. Breathalyzers are tiny and lightweight, making them readily portable, plus you can even fit them in any handbag or pocket. You can also bring the breathalyzers to work to monitor and prevent alcohol from interfering with your job. However, it is crucial to note that despite their accuracy, personal breathalyzers cannot be used in court. The tests used by the police are the ones that are favored as evidence. 

Always keep safety in mind

Whatever you intend to do with the knowledge you have obtained, you may need to consider purchasing a home breathalyzer. Having a home breathalyzer may assist you in preventing any road accidents or having a criminal record for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). 


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