A Review on the BACtrack Go Keychain Breathalyser

The BACtrack Go keychain breathalyser is a handy and compact device. Consuming alcohol would increase your BAC little by little. One standard drink per hour would increase your BAC to about 0.02%. There is no other way to accurately calculate your BAC other than using a reliable breathalyser. The Go Keychain is generally for low volume personal use and can easily be carried around. Without a doubt, this device could help you monitor your alcohol intake without being a burden to carry around. Having a BACtrack Go Keychain gives you access to a quick and easy estimate of your BAC. Moreover, breath tests can help improve your safety when consuming alcohol.

Having a BACtrack Go keychain breathalyser is perfect for managing your awareness regarding alcohol consumption and its effects. There will be times when you can use this device to reaffirm your BAC level. Quick and easy access to a breath tester can help reassure your loved ones that you are safe. Conducting a personal alcohol breath test can also help inform you if you are over the driving limit. The legal limit in Australia is 0.05% BAC. Driving with a BAC equal to 0.05% or more could result in drunk driving and criminal charges. The severity of your charges will depend on the level of your BAC reading. Drivers nowadays prefer using personal breathalysers like the BACtrack Go Keychain before driving to help assure them that they are well below the legal limit. Users highly admire the portability of the BACtrack Go.

Improving Your Safety With the BACtrack Go Keychain Breathalyser

There is nothing to dislike about the BACtrack Go keychain breathalyser. Despite its compact nature, it is still highly accurate. This device can easily fit on the keyring of your house or car keys. This feature can help prevent the device from being lost or left behind. Moreover, this can ensure its users will always be able to perform a breath test on the go.

When consuming alcohol, you no longer have to question yourself and your capabilities. The BACtrack Go keychain breathalyser could help you determine your driving ability. This device can help you make better decisions when consuming alcohol. Knowing your exact BAC could help you decide whether you could drive home or take a taxi home. Furthermore, breath tests with BACtrack devices only take 10 to 15 seconds to process. Having a short processing time could allow users to perform more constant tests.

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