Why People Choose the BACtrack Trace?

BACtrack breathalysers are innovative alcohol breath testers that utilise advanced sensor technology to measure your blood alcohol content (BAC) accurately. Breathalysers are small and light devices that instantly measure your BAC through breath samples. Nowadays, it is common for people to use a breathalyser at a bar, party, or dinner to check their alcohol level. Self-checking the BAC is one way to remain safe while driving after consuming alcohol. A breathalyser that many people rely on is the BACtrack Trace Pro. The BACtrack Trace Pro can quickly provide accurate BAC readings in seconds and is suitable for personal use.

The BACtrack Trace Pro is a pro-grade breathalyser that uses BACtrack’s Xtend Fuel Cell sensors to provide reliable BAC readings. The fuel cell sensor technology of BACtrack has the same pro-grade accuracy used by law enforcement and hospitals. The optimal breath capture system ensures precise breath samples enter the alcohol sensors. Therefore, BACtrack devices are less likely to provide false-positive results. Additionally, fuel cell sensors maintain accuracy longer and don’t require constant recalibration. Moreover, it has one-touch operations, making breath tests seem straightforward. You could perform a breath test with just a push of a button. You will get your BAC results on the device’s LED screen between ten to fifteen seconds. People choose the BACtrack Trace Pro because of its reliability, affordability, and ease of use.

BACtrack Trace Pro: Additional Features

Furthermore, the BACtrack Trace has a built-in memory and can store up to 10 BAC results for easy reference. To access these results, press the “N” button, and the screen will display the previous BAC results. This feature allows for a more effective BAC tracking and consumption monitoring approach. Additionally, the Trace Pro has a continuous temperature checking feature to ensure breath sample consistency. The device warms up quickly (within a few seconds), and you can administer accurate alcohol tests immediately. You can also set an alarm for the Australian driving limit. When activated, the device will provide an audible warning sound if your test exceeds the legal limit of 0.05% BAC. Additionally, the enhanced linear response of Trace Pro accurately measures alcohol trace concentrations of up to 0.400% BAC.

Most importantly, the BACtrack Trace Pro is DOT and FDA certified, meeting all the federal requirements for an effective alcohol breath device. Aside from its advanced features, people also choose the BACtrack Trace Pro because of its minimal and understated slim design and size. It is as small as a smartphone and easily fits in your pockets or bags. It combines style with functionality. So, if you want a reliable breath testing device but affordable, the BACtrack Trace Pro is perfect for you. You can find BACtrack devices available at Breathalysers Australia.

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