BACtrack C-Series, the portable breathalyzer

With increased effort by police officers to reduce alcohol-related deaths and injuries on public roadways, portable breathalyzers are becoming more and more increasingly widespread. Individuals are now becoming more conscious of their personal drinking habits and accepting of the actions they need to take in order to stay safe. A portable breathalyzer is a breath tester that can be kept in your pocket, car, purse or bag for ease of use. 

For those who enjoy a drink whilst out and about, a portable breathalyzer is getting more affordable and really great value for money considering the information you can get from them. These portable breathalyzers can assist a person in making appropriate judgment calls on when to avoid driving after drinking which may result in the prevention of an accident, having to pay fines and possibly avoid suspension of their driver’s license. 

Choosing your Portable Breathalyzer

When purchasing a portable breathalyzer in Australia, an important aspect to consider is compliance with Australian Standards AS 3547 Certification. This standard confirms that the breathalyzer has been thoroughly tested and will live up to expectations for the duration of its service. 

While a quality breathalyzer may cost a bit more, remember to consider the small additional expense of purchasing an efficient portable breathalyzer can make a huge difference to your safety and that of others to ensure that you are under the legal limit.  

There are people who, unfortunately, drive when intoxicated and over the limit. The good thing is, there is another technique to persuade someone to refrain from doing so, with the right information right within a very short time, usually a matter of seconds. The BACtrack C-Series, a portable breathalyzer that can assist users or someone important to us to understand that maybe they should leave the car or get someone else to drive. 

The BACtrack C6 and C8

There are two portable breathalyzers in this series, the BACtrack C6 keychain and the BACtrack C8. Firstly, the BACtrack C6 keychain is the tiniest portable breathalyzer on the market. One feature that most people would enjoy is the washable sanitary mouthpieces. Secondly, the BACtrack C8, which precisely monitors human Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), is the most up-to-date portable breathalyzer technology available. The BACtrack C8 is a tiny device, the equivalent of a standard USB socket mobile. As per BACtrack, it would be as precise as a breath alcohol analyzer used by a police officer in a DUI investigation. 


The BACtrack C6 and C8 are available for sale now at Breathalysers Australia.


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