Reasons to Get a Portable Breath Tester

A breathalyzer, also known as an alcohol breath tester or analyzer, monitors a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC). The BAC is used to determine the functional capabilities of an individual with regards to their motor and mental ability. The higher the BAC, the more likely the person is affected by the impairments of alcohol intoxication. Law enforcers mainly do BAC monitoring to check whether drivers are under or over the legal alcohol driving limit. Portable breath testers are used by having the individual in question blow into the sterile tube of the device; then calculated into a corresponding BAC level from the alcohol within the exhaled breath. Being over the BAC driving limit is punishable by law and can come with some very severe penalties.  

With devices like BACtrack breathalyzers available nowadays, monitoring one’s BAC has never been easier. Those who enjoy an occasional drink or two can now reliably monitor their BAC with their portable breath tester almost anywhere. BACtrack devices also offer additional information like when and how long until their BAC could return to 0.00%, which could drastically help those who are still learners or probationary drivers. Other breath tester devices now also offer the ability to connect wireless through your phone; an option that can help you easily track your BAC throughout the night.  

BACtrack Portable Breath Testers

One of the best and main reasons people should get their portable breath tester is the ability to know when they can legally go behind the wheel. Reliable devices like BACtrack breathalyzers can help users decide whether they should take a taxi or drive home for the night. It should be a lot easier now to make the right call when drivers know their exact BAC. BACtrack devices have technology like those used by police officers or medical professionals; to help their BAC calculations to be as accurate and concise as any other professional device.  

Being able to stay clear from DUI charges and the severe penalties it can come with is another excellent reason for buying a professional-grade portable breath tester. You can avoid penalties like hefty fines, a confiscated license, ignition interlocks, and impounded vehicles by checking your BAC with accurate devices like BACtrack breathalyzers. The easily operatable breath testers frequently monitor one’s BAC with just a press of a button; with minimal portable breath tester training required. 


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